Toledo Sinkhole Swallows Car: 60 Year Old Ohio Woman Hospitalized (PHOTO, VIDEO)

A Toledo sinkhole has swallowed up a woman's car this week, shocking local residents and hospitalizing one person.

(Photo: YouTube/FemBossNews)This Toledo Sinkhole has swallowed up a car and resulted in the hospitalization of one 60 year old local resident.

The Toledo sinkhole suddenly opening up a 10 foot gap this week, according to a report by the Toledo Blade on July 3, and occurred right in the middle of a Toledo road.

The sinkhole swallowed up one vehicle and resulted in one woman having to be rushed to hospital for medical treatment and observation.

The victim in the case has been identified as Ms. Pamela Knox, who is a 60 year old local resident in the area.

According to reports, Knox was left shaken after the incident but fortunately did not suffer any major injuries but was still being checked over in hospital.

Authorities have reported that Knox was driving southward on North Detroit Avenue when the large sinkhole suddenly opened up just in front of her. Before she could react, she ended up driving straight into the hole, trapping herself.

It is believed that Knox was trapped inside the sinkhole for about 10 minutes before eventually being able to escape. It appears as though a ladder was lowered down the side of the sinkhole that allowed her to climb up and out to safety.

The sinkhole is believed to have been caused by a collapse of storm and sanitary sewers beneath the road in Toledo.

Investigators have measured the sinkhole at just slightly over 10 feet deep, and local residents have been left shocked by the sudden opening up of the ground.

Numerous sinkholes have been reported through this year, many in the Florida area, and some resulting in the death of locals. In one incident in Florida, a man was swallowed by a sinkhole as he lay in his bed as the massive hole opened up beneath his home. In that incident sadly the man's body was never found.

Here is a video of footage of the sinkhole: