Tom Brady MVP Chant: Flattered by Fans (VIDEO)

Could Tom Brady be elected for another NFL MVP award? His fans seemed to think so on Monday night, when the New England Patriots went up against the Houston Texans.

New England crushed the Texans 42-14 Monday night at their home stadium in Mass. But even after the Texans were facing imminent defeat towards the end of the third quarter, Tom Brady continued to prevail, "spoiling" his loyal fans, according to reports.

"I don't run too often, so I've got to show them that I can still do it a little bit," Brady told USA Today. "I was pretty fired up at that point. That was a big moment in the game."

The 2-time NFL MVP winner made a 6-yard dash with the score at 28-7, making a quick gesture to the crowd, according to the ESPN. And the crowd responded by chanting out "M-V-P." Brady later threw in that the run would show his opponents better than to underestimate him.

"The opposing defenses that say I can't run and won't move out of the pocket," Brady said. "At least there's a little bit of a threat there. Not a big threat; I'm not like RGIII there or anything, but I can make a first down."

In a separate interview, the quarterback admitted to hearing the cheers and was "flattered," although he said the focus should be more on the team and winning the game.

"I heard it," Brady told WEEI's Dennis & Callahan Tuesday morning. "Believe me, I'm very flattered to even be considered for something like that, but honestly, the most important thing for me is winning games and enjoying it with my teammates."

"Every bit of what I do is dependent on them, on the group of guys that I play with," he added. "The successful years we've had with our team have been all about team football, and that's what our team has been built on and what our team is all about."