Top 5 iPhone and iPad Apps for Kids

Apple devices such as the iPhone 4S, the iPad 2, and the iPod Touch are known to be hugely popular with adults, but children also love them too. Here are five apps kids love.

The first kid-friendly app is called Animal Sounds for Baby: Fisher Price. Babies and toddlers learn all the basic animal sounds of lions, elephants, ducks, and more on this colorful app. While family music plays, young ones can tilt, shake, or tap the screen to hear a pleasant-sounding woman’s voice read the name of the animal, and hear the animal sound afterwards.

Puppet Show is another great app that is also family-friendly. You can easily create a custom puppet show for your baby by tapping the screen to make “Strasmo” talk and tilting the screen to make him move. As far as the voice and story, you’re on your own though.

For kids that are a bit older, Talking Tom 2 and all his talking friends’ apps are easy and entertaining. Tom the Cat copies anything you say in a higher voice, and you can dress him up in a variety of costumes too.

My Coloring Book Free is a fantastic application that simulates a coloring book, without the mess of pencils, pens, crayons, or markers. The tap-and-fill drawings are easy for even toddlers to understand, with many pre-loaded pictures available.

This final app comes with almost every Apple device: the camera. Infants, toddlers, and young kids love taking pictures and videos of themselves. The side-to-side swipe motion captivates especially the younger ones, and older children are fascinated with how they look.

Although there is much more that goes into child development than playing with the latest technology, using some of these apps can help a kid discover the world around them, stimulating their little minds to grow and learn.

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