'Touched by an Angel' Star Roma Downey Produces Bible Animation

A new animated DVD series produced by “Touched by an Angel” star Roma Downey will educate preschoolers on basic learning skills and biblical truths when it debuts next Tuesday.

Titled "Little Angels," the show follows the adventures of preschool twins Alex and Zoe as they learn, laugh and play. Accompanying them is a gang of eight cartoon guardian angels that guide and teach the precocious pair about life and God's love.

Its executive producer is Roma Downey, a Hollywood actress who knows a thing or two about God's celestial servants. She played the lead role in the hit CBS TV drama "Touched by an Angel," which ran from 1994 to 2003. The TV show followed an angel, played by Downey, as she served the Lord's will on Earth. Now a mother of three teenagers, Downey said she wants to share the faith beliefs she holds dear to families younger than her own.

"My Christian faith is central to my life," she said. "I've had an opportunity through my faith to share God's love. I thought wouldn't it be wonderful if I could bring the Christian message to preschoolers? With 'Little Angels,' I want to uplift and remind the little children that God loves them and teaches them valuable lessons."

Downey said "Little Angels" took the form of an educational children's cartoon and added to it biblical themes. The series' director and writer is Phil Lollar, the co-creator of the beloved evangelical radio series "Adventures in Odyssey." The fruit of their labors is a fun children's show that educates with zany antics, upbeat sing-alongs and whimsical artistry.

"The beauty of this show is that it teaches on a few different levels," she said. "It encourages both practical life skills and traditional values. I think the kids will be really entertained."

"Little Angels" debuts with two episodes on Tuesday, the first helping children identify common animals and the second learn their ABCs. Later releases will focus on counting and other skills. Each episode follows twins Alex and Zoe as they navigate the trials and tribulations of childhood with the eight angels painted on their bedroom's mural. The cherubs come to life when needed most, and each brings a unique talent to solving an individual story’s problem.

"Every one of our angels has a special gift, just like every one of God's children has a special gift," said Downey, whose favorite angel is the creative Uriel, an angel who paints Bible tales for the twins. "The angels are a reminder that God is present in our lives and never leaves us."

That reminder, Downey added, is meant as a baby step for parents as they explain Christianity to their children. She said she hopes her show serves as a starting point for those too tiny to fully grasp God's role in their lives just yet.

"I hope at dinner mom and dad can speak with their children about how they watched 'Little Angels' that afternoon," Downey said. "It's a great kickoff point to the Bible for this age group. The lessons I learned at that age stuck with me my whole life. I'd love in ten or 20 years from now to meet young adults who shared with me that they were touched by this series."