Trump Talks About His Greatest Asset on Mike Huckabee's New Show on TBN (WATCH)

Trump Interview
Mike Huckabee interviews President Donald Trump for the first episode of his TBN show "Huckabee" that airs on October 7, 2017. |

President Donald Trump sat down with Mike Huckabee for the premiere episode of his new show "Huckabee," which will air Saturday night. In the interview, the president talks about one of his greatest assets, first lady Melania Trump.

One of your greatest assets is the first lady, Huckabee says in the interview for his new show for the Trinity Broadcasting Network, praising her for her empathy and for connecting personally with people. "It's true," Trump responds.

Huckabee then asks if her soaring approval ratings bother Trump.

"She is very popular," Trump agrees, and continues, "She's a very private person. And honestly, she loved her other life. Her other life was a good life, before I decided to do this."

The president adds that she doesn't need popularity. "But she does like to help people. And she sees how important it is. … And she's taken tremendous abuse. But the good news is the people understand her."