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Justin Bieber Delights Twitter Users for Making 'God and Jesus' Trending

Justin Bieber Delights Twitter Users for Making 'God and Jesus' Trending

After thanking God for blessing him during Sunday's MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs), pop sensation Justin Bieber was being credited by Twitter users with getting the phrase "God and Jesus" onto the social network site's Trend list.

"I just want to say thank you so much, not only to God but to Jesus," Bieber said after snagging a Moonman award for Best Male Video for "U Smile" at the 28th annual MTV VMAs in Los Angeles Sunday night.

Beiber, who was also a winner at the 2010 VMAs, continued, "He's really blessed me. He's put me in this position. So I want to say thank you so much."

It was not immediately clear when "God and Jesus" started trending on Twitter, but by Monday morning it was near the top of the website's Trend list, and fans were crediting the 17-year-old crooner.

"God and Jesus are Trending Topics thanks to Justin Bieber ... That is just too much power for one kid," wrote Jeremy Pond (@Jeremydpond).

Some commenters were so excited to see "God and Jesus" near the top of the Trend list that they attempted to get a movement going.

"God and Jesus is trending! RT if Jesus is your King!! #TeamJesus," wrote Amber Rose (@AmberRoseB84).

Other users on Twitter apparently found it odd that "God and Jesus" would suddenly become a popular topic of discussion on the social networking site simply because of a celebrity.

"God and Jesus should trend on a daily basis not just because a celebrity said it. It's kind of sad how this world works," lamented one tweeter with the handle @BelieberHood.

Jean Lestrange (@SmilerAllTheWay) agreed, writing, "God and Jesus shouldn't trend just because Justin thanked them. They should be trending everyday, actually."

Bieber, a Canadian, has been especially vocal about his faith in the past few months. His statements will be the subject of a book being written by American journalist Cathleen Falsani. The book, titled “Belieber! Faith, Fame and the Heart of Justin Bieber," will be released on Sept. 27.


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