Underoath Re-Releases First Three Albums in One Package - 'Play Your Old Stuff'

Christian metal/hardcore superstars Underoath will release a three-piece compilation album Oct. 18.

Calling the album “Play Your Old Stuff,” the band will for the first time in one three disced package include “The Changing of Times” (2002), “They're Only Chasing Safety” (2004), and “Define the Great Line” (2006).

“The Changing of Times” was Underoath's first album signed to Solid State/Tooth&Nail and quickly claimed Solid State's best selling debut title at the time.

The album was a departure from their former death metal and black metal ways and incorporated some singing vocals and electronic sounds into the mix.

“They're Only Changing Safety” was the group's first venture into mainstream popularity dropping the heavy metal altogether and opting for a screamo/melodic hardcore sound.

The album also marked the departure of original vocalist Dallas Taylor as Spencer Chamberlain replaced him.

Drummer Aaron Gillespie also became a prominent voice on this album as he was featured singing lead vocals to compliment Chamberlain's screams.

"Reinventing Your Exit" and "It's Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door" were the two singles with music videos.

The CD was nominated for one Dove Award for "Rock Album of the Year."

In yet another musical change, "Define the Great Line" saw Underoath pick up some of that old heavier/hardcore metal sound and mixed it with screamo type hooks creating a blend of intricate yet inspiring music they are known for today.

The album explores faith and is really one big struggle in looking for the existence of God in a world of pain. While the previous album saw Gillespie's prowess for catchiness, Chamberlain came into his own on this album and wrote of the dark struggles he was going through – drug abuse and depression.

"Writing on the Walls" and "In Regards to Myself" were the big singles off this album with the first song being in 2007's video game "ATV Offroad Fury Pro."

After this the band released "Lost in the Sound of Separation" in 2008 and "Disambiguation" in 2010, the first album not to have original drummer and vocalist since 1997, Aaron Gillespie.