Untethered Jailbreak for iPhone 4S, iPad 2: Problems in A5 Developments

Many users are anticipating an untethered jailbreak for the iPhone 4S and iPad 2, however, according to the developer the project has encountered serious issues in bringing the release public.

Pod2g has explained: "The exploit I used to inject the untethering files to the 4S relies on having a developer account, and can't be released publicly. It's the same reason why @MuscleNerd has an iPad 2 tethered jailbreak but couldn't distribute it. So, we need to find a distributable exploit to remount the system partition read/write and to set Corona files at the correct places."

The news means that only a small handful of users with registered developer accounts with Apple will be able to access the untethered jailbreak for A5-powered devices.

So for everyone else the wait continues and appears to be an uncertain one.

Pod2g’s blog, “A5 FAQ,” has offered some explanation:

"Why A4 version of Corona was easier to release? Because a tethered jailbreak is a good way to install Corona!

“Why don't you do a tethered jailbreak then? A tethered jailbreak also relies on an exploitable vulnerability that we still haven't found yet!

“pod2g, release this stuff quick, [your insult here], I've waited enough now…If I could, I would!"

Users should be warned, however, that the official free unlock or jailbreak release will come from the iPhone Dev Team and the Chronic Dev Team. And users should beware of scam sites offering packages at a fee.