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UPCOMING EVENT: The 9/11 Wake-Up Call for God's People

UPCOMING EVENT: The 9/11 Wake-Up Call for God's People


A Wake-Up Call for God's People With Anne Graham Lotz and Joel Rosenberg

Watch as millions join in on by way of a church fellowship, community group, or on your home computer. This evening of messages by Anne Graham Lotz and Joel Rosenberg, knit together with authentic worship music led by Selah, will be used by God to wake up His people.

Join this event as Christian leaders consider the times in which we live, refocus on Jesus as our Hope for the future, and ask God to re-ignite such an intense longing for His return that we live the rest of our lives with no regrets. The event kicks off on September 11, 2011, at 7 p.m. EDT.

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What is a Simulcast?

Simulcast is shorthand for "simultaneous broadcast." It is a program or event that is broadcast across more than one medium at the same time. On 9/11/11, this event will be broadcast across the Internet into church sanctuaries, viewed on personal PC's and broadcast on radio stations.

What is A Wake-Up Call for God's People?

A Simulcast featuring Anne Graham Lotz and Joel Rosenberg, available for viewing: congregationally, in church sanctuaries, individually on a personal computer in a home, Bible study, or small group.

What is the Aim?

The sole purpose of the Simulcast is to revive the hearts of God's people, waking them up in their relationship with Him and restoring a vibrancy to their faith.

What Time Will the Broadcast Air on September 11, 2011?

7:00 pm EDT - LIVE
7:00 pm MDT - Delayed Broadcast
6:00 pm CDT - LIVE
6:00 pm PDT - Delayed Broadcast

What Will Be the Content of the Program?

- Joel Rosenberg will deliver an informative opening message - a 50-minute teaching on biblical prophecy and current events that point to Jesus' return.
- Anne Graham Lotz will give a stirring, 50-minute challenge from Isaiah, urging the church to get ready for the return of Jesus by repenting of sin, returning to the Cross, and recommitting to the proclamation of the Gospel.
- Selah will lead in worship throughout the program.


One week following the simulcast, everyone is encouraged to begin a formal follow-up Bible study that continues the pursuit toward personal revival. The Bible study material to be used is a small-group, video-based series taught by Anne Graham Lotz, Henry Blackaby and Crawford Loritts. While this follow-up Bible study is not required, AnGel Ministries encourages simulcast attendees to take advantage of this opportunity.

How Can I View/Listen to the Simulcast?

- LIVE at Church Host Sites - Experience it with others, on a large screen at a local church in your city. Each pre-registered Host Site will receive a dedicated High-Definition feed perfect for projecting to a large audience. For a list of Host Sites, please visit

- LIVE on Your Home Computer - Go to just before the starting time for your time zone and you will be directed to join the Simulcast feed LIVE. This will be suitable for personal and Small Group viewing. Pre-registration is not required. - LIVE on DirecTV - DirecTV HD Access subscribers will be able to watch the Simulcast on GOD TV, channel 365. Please check your local listings for details.

- LIVE through Radio - The Simulcast will be aired on Moody Radio, American Family Radio and BOTT Radio Network. Please check their network websites for station locations or check your local station schedules for airing times.

- ON DELAY from - The Simulcast will be archived and available for viewing for 120 days on the AnGel Ministries website.

- ORDER the program DVD following the event - The program messages will be recorded and available on DVD for purchase in on-line bookstore. The program DVD will not include music from Selah. Please watch for details.

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