Video of Woman Screaming 'God You're My Savior' on Plane Goes Viral; Sparks Online Debate About God

(Photo: Screen Grab via YouTube/Reed Stanley)An unidentified woman (holding cell phone) screams "God you're my savior" on flight to Tampa, Fla.

A video of a grieving woman repeatedly screaming "God you're my savior" on a recent flight to Tampa, Fla., has sparked an online debate about Christians and the existence of God.

In the video shot and narrated by YouTube user Reed Stanley, he explained what happened on the plane in the just under one and a half minute clip.

"She's been freaking out for the last 20 minutes. She started off by telling everyone to pray for her mother who just passed away. Then she went up and down the aisle telling everyone to pray for her mother and then she's been like this for the last 15 to 20 minutes," notes Stanley in the video.

The woman is seen screaming and flipping through a magazine and staring at a smartphone in her hand while a man sitting next to her tries to calm her down as the plane appears to be in the process of landing.

At one point she yells at the man: "Don't f****** touch me."

"The flight attendant asked me to make sure she doesn't try to go to the back door and open it. If she tries to go back I'm gonna block her," says Stanley.

Luckily, the woman appears to eventually calm down somewhat as the plane lands.

As of Monday evening the video had been viewed more than 400,000 times and many people weighed in with various impressions.

"And this ladies and gents is why people think Christians are weird and don't want anything to do with them and/or God," wrote Andrew Clark.

One viewer, Yvonne Russman, wondered why the flight attendants didn't intervene. "Where the hell were the flight attendants while she was doing this? Ignoring the whole thing?? They asked the PASSENGER to make sure she didn't make a run for the door? Insane."

Others, like Mike Vizard, highlighted that the incident made a case for flights being required to have a registered nurse or physician aboard flights to deal with passengers like the woman in the video.

Michael Kane took the opportunity to bash several Christians who had taken to discussing the woman's bizarre outburst.

"The problem with all you religious people is that you always speak metaphorically. You haven't met your god except metaphorically! Why is your loving god invisible? It's all in your head and stop being delusional like this crazy woman on the plane," he said.

Warning: Video contains one instance of offensive language

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