Walking Dead 30 Seconds Promo: 'Fight the Dead, Fear the Living' (VIDEO)

A new promo for season three of "The Walking Dead" has been released, providing new promise to the popular show.

If you liked the last series of this action drama then the AMC "Walking Dead" show season three arriving soon will be sure to excite you.

During the season finale in March, "The Walking Dead" earned itself the title of the most watched drama series on basic cable in the history of time, an impressive feat. Over 9 million viewers tuned in to watch the remaining survivors escape as a new character, Michonne, was introduced.

For the first episode of the next season, touching back on the finale, a view of the prison is shown where the survivors will battle it out in hopes of capturing the prison for the sake of its resources including food, weapons, and medicine.

"The Governor," introduced as the new villain in the series, could attempt to fend off plans to take the prison with an evil plan of his own, based on the preview released by Mashable.

"The Walking Dead" will return to AMC on October 14th, just in time to get in the Halloween spirit. Fans were clearly beside themselves.

"I can not wait for this season to start, by the looks of the previews this is gonna be the best one yet. Fight the Dead, fear the Living," James wrote on the Yahoo blog.

"Just watched the first two seasons on DVD for the first time. This show is the best show on TV. I can't wait for season 3!" Johnnie QC added.