Walmart Security Camera Captures ‘Brazen’ Sexual Assault of Young Girl

Minnesota authorities searched for a suspect on Thursday who was caught groping a child on camera in a Fridley, Minn., Walmart.

Authorities described the sexual assault as "particularly brazen," in a statement Thursday, because the girl’s mother and older sibling were standing right beside her.

Security footage captured the suspect on Monday afternoon sexually assaulting the girl, who is under the age of 13.

 The video shows the man trailing the family around the store for several minutes before finally groping the young girl, said County Sheriff's Office Commander Paul Sommer, CNN reported.

"By the time she talks to her mother ... the suspect is already gone," Sommer said.

"When he comes in the store, he's not looking at any merchandise. He's not doing any bargain-hunting that day. He's kind of looking around, and he appears to focus on this one little girl," Sommer added. "He spends several minutes basically stalking this little girl and this family. It's just an eerie thing to watch."

Investigators received some tips after releasing still photos from the security images on Thursday, but the suspect has still not been identified, according to CNN.

"Our larger concern is, is this the start of something bigger, or is [the suspect] going to be satisfied with this type of assault?" Sommer said.

The Christian Post could not reach Commander Sommer for further comments.