Wedding 25,000 Guests: Huge Wedding Takes Place in Jerusalem (PHOTO)

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(Twitter/@BelzNies)A wedding with 25,000 guests has taken place this week in Jerusalem.

News of a wedding with 25,000 guests has stunned viewers across the globe, as the massive party was held in Jerusalem on Tuesday night.

The massive wedding was for Shalom Rokeach, 18, and new wife Hannah Batya Penet, 19 – both reportedly from very well connected families.

Rokeach is the grandson of the leader of the Hasidic Belz Rebbe dynasty – an ancient aristocratic family that has its roots in the 14th Century Poland, according to The Independent newspaper in the United Kingdom.

Rokeach has also been described as the only male heir to the dynasty, and so shall one day become the head of one of the largest communities in Judaism.

The 25,000 guests descended on the city from all parts of the globe for the wedding, with celebrations going on all night.

The huge wedding forced the closure of many roads around the city, and authorities even erected barriers to help maintain order among the massive crowd of guests.

There were so many wedding guests that special arrangements had to be made to ensure everyone was able to attend and see what was going on. According to the Jerusalem Post, the ceremony took place under the huppa, but many video screens were put up around the synagogue to give all the guests a chance of seeing the event