Current Page: Opinion | Saturday, October 27, 2012
When Journalists Cover Up the Cover-Up

When Journalists Cover Up the Cover-Up

This is gut check time for the mainstream media. The facts about Benghazi are now irrefutable....and yet, we see little evidence of the liberal media establishment attacking this raw meat. This self-proclaimed watchdog has not so surprisingly turned into a helpless puppy when it comes to Behghazi. We now know that officials at the White House and State Department were advised two hours after the attack that an Islamic militant group claimed credit for the attack....and yet the administration spent the next two weeks pointing to a video as the cause of the attack.

Are we getting too close to the election for the mainstream media to fairly report on these developments? Apparently so. If only Richard Nixon could have had such friends among the press corps.

If you are a journalist for the liberal establishment, the timing of Benghazi couldn't be worse. Any honest reporting on the subject could result in a loss of votes for your candidate. The proverbial question these journalists must be asking themselves deep down is this: "Are we simply a mouthpiece for the Democrats....and a propaganda machine for liberal ideas....or, are we true journalists?" It can't be both, and they know it.

Conservatives in America already knew of course that the mainstream media is in bed with the Democrats. More and more independents are now catching on to this immoral relationship as well. Even some liberals are starting to come out of the closet and admit that the mainstream media has a leftist agenda which oozes through their reporting on a daily basis. But should that agenda permit them to cover up the cover-up?

Before we get too far down the tracks of what journalists "should" and "shouldn't do," let's remember one fundamental principle: Those on the left tend not to believe in moral least in most instances. Therefore, they can tell themselves that they are justified in covering up the cover-up. In their minds, the end result of advancing the Democratic platform overrides what the White House did and didn't do concerning Benghazi. That is the way moral relativists address ethical dilemmas such as this one. The end justifies the means....and so the advancement of the Democratic platform justifies the ideological and dishonest nature of their reporting on this issue.

It's no different really than what Joe Biden stated in his recent debate with Paul Ryan. Joe claimed to be supportive of his church's position on life....only to pivot in the next few sentences toward his unrelenting endorsement for the killing of the unborn. The "value" of life and the "value" of fair journalism is all seen in the eyes of the beholder. The lack of any moral foundation on the left is becoming a hallmark of their agenda, as evidenced at the recent Democratic Convention where the Democrats took "God" out of their platform....before they voted to put him back in. Their first vote on this issue was consistent with their philosophy and their agenda.

Without God around to address the rightness and wrongness of our decisions, we are free to cover up anything we want to conceal from A to Z....that is, from abortion to Benghazi. It's all up for grabs....and it is all driven by a passion to implement the ideals expressed in the Democratic platform. Man, by nature, is driven toward that agenda. It is the "default agenda" of man. Only God can change man's heart to accept moral absolutes and the absolute necessity of the new birth through faith in Jesus Christ.

Governments of various countries seek to cover up the Gospel message from reaching the people. It is seen as a threat to the establishment. In reality, the Gospel message is the only message that will truly liberate people and turn them into fair, honest, and moral citizens. Sure there are people who seem to live moral lives without Jesus....but Christ would never have come to earth if those examples of morality were enough to reconcile us to God.

There is only one way to heaven....and that is through faith in Jesus and His death on the cross. Anything else is essentially man's attempt to cover up the truth because the truth doesn't square with man's natural agenda. It's no surprise that liberal journalists would choose to cover up the facts of Benghazi. Man is a pro at covering up any message which goes against his personal agenda....and any message that goes against his lust for total independence from God. That is why they voted "God" out of their an attempt to cover up the One to whom we all must give an account.

Dan Delzell is the pastor of Wellspring Lutheran Church in Papillion, Neb. He is a regular contributor to The Christian Post.