Voting for the President of Your Soul

Does your one vote really matter much in the big scheme of things?

With the 2012 presidential election quickly approaching, many Americans will head to the polls this year with zeal and determination. But what if the election was not for the American presidency, but instead....what if the vote was for the "presidency of your soul?"

There are only two candidates in that race....You....and Jesus Christ. There is not room in your heart for both candidates to hold this office....and this position of authority. And there is only one eligible voter....namely, you. One vote will be vote will decide the vote will determine who gets to have the responsibility of caring for your soul forever.

There will not be any television commercials for the candidates. The only appeals will take place on the screen of your mind, and they will originate from the two opposing "campaign headquarters." The Holy Spirit will attempt to persuade you to vote for Jesus. Your sinful nature will resist giving up control of this office to anyone....even to Jesus. In the deep recesses of your soul, there is a raging fire that burns with selfish desires and yearns to have you maintain the top spot. Your dark desires will even resort to "dirty politics" in an attempt to keep you from voting for Jesus. You may even tell yourself lies in an attempt to smear the other candidate.

The reason that Jesus is the only religious figure who qualifies to run against you is very simple. He is the only religious figure who died for your sins and who came back to life. Hundreds of people saw Him alive after His death. (see 1 Cor. 15:6) The religious authorities of that day simply had to produce Christ's dead body....and that would have ended Christianity before it even got off the ground. They couldn't do it because He was no longer dead. They couldn't do it because God's plan of salvation was being fulfilled. Jesus was walking around and talking to people just like He had done before they killed Him.

Do you really think Christ's inner circle of disciples would have proceeded to allow themselves to be martyred for their faith if in fact they had not seen Him in person after His resurrection? Find anywhere in history where zealous people died for a religious lie....while knowing it was a lie! Good luck finding it....there are no such examples in history. If the disciples had not personally seen and visited with the resurrected Christ, they would have gone forth preaching a lie....while knowing it was a lie. That is why it takes more faith to reject Christ than it does to accept Him. I'll say it takes more faith to reject Christ than it does to accept Him!

That makes you a "believer" no matter who gets your vote. If you vote for Jesus, you are a believer in God's good news of salvation found in the Gospel message. If you vote for yourself, you are a believer in the absurd idea that the apostles died for a lie, knowing it was a lie. That sure takes a whole lot of faith in something that simply does not square with the evidence of the witnesses.

No other religious figure in history has come close to doing what Jesus Christ did before, during, and after His death. So He is the only candidate who qualifies to be on the ballot with you. No one else. Just Him....and you. One of you is capable of bringing your soul into another dimension after your death. And the other candidate is at a total loss to do such a thing. You get to decide which candidate you are going to entrust with your soul.

Make no mistake about it....a refusal to vote is the same as a vote for yourself. A refusal to vote is a rejection of Jesus as your Savior. And if you place a check in the box with your name next to it, just realize that you are voting for yourself to be "the god of your universe" and the guardian of your eternal destiny.

The polls are running about even right least for some people. They are torn in their minds. They see some good things in Jesus, and plenty of good things in themselves. It is going to come down to who they believe will make the best president of their soul.

Some people believe in Jesus. Others believe in themselves. Some people trust Jesus. Others trust in themselves. Some people follow Jesus. Others follow their own personal inclinations and desires. The two candidates present two entirely different approaches to governing the soul.....and I mean totally different approaches.

One candidate thinks he or she is pretty smart. The other candidate is God and knows everything. One candidate had a beginning. The other candidate is the eternal God with no beginning and no end. One candidate looks at things from an earthly perspective. The other candidate looks at things from a heavenly and eternal perspective. One candidate knows his own thoughts. The other candidate knows every thought of every single person on earth....and every person who has lived or who will live.

There are no red states and blue states in this race. There are only the perceptions and convictions and assumptions of one voter. This one voter has been given a huge opportunity to cast a ballot that will lead his or her soul into the future and into its eternal place of residence. That is an awesome responsibility....and a heavy weight to carry if you try to do it yourself.

After Jesus rose from the grave, He ascended into heaven. He then sent the Holy Spirit to earth to help people when casting their ballot. The Holy Spirit reveals things about the best candidate. The Holy Spirit works to lead people to vote for the candidate who has already won the election for those who will believe. Think about that statement for a minute. He has already won the election for those who will believe. of the soul....two voter....eternal consequences....and a victory which has already been won.

It shouldn't be too hard to vote for the right candidate. Unfortunately, our sinful nature has messed up our ability to see spiritual things clearly. We are like blind people roaming in the darkness looking for the light. If only we could see the light. If only we could see God in all of His fullness and glory.

But we are who we are....and it is what it is....and nothing in this universe will change the fact that your vote on this issue matters more than anything else you will ever think, say, or do.

So now it's your call. And may I remind you my friend....your vote will sway the least for your soul. Others are finding that their candidate has won. You may not have voted yet yourself. You may still be evaluating both candidates.

As you look at their strengths, you will be hard-pressed to find a weakness for one of them. In fact, it is impossible to find a weakness in that candidate. He is perfect in every way....and loving at all times....and more than able to fulfill the duties of the office.

Two names on the ballot....and one decision that is left to be made. Which way are you leaning? Which one will receive your vote? Which one will carry out the duties as the president of your soul? Just like in America, there isn't room for two Presidents. Your soul is not big enough....and not equipped to have two different agendas and two different outcomes.

Your soul cannot worship both candidates. That is the way the one candidate created you. It is impossible to vote for both of them. A non-vote is a vote for yourself. Your ballot will be cast, one way or the other. The ballot sheet will not remain empty. You will spend your life on earth and go to your grave having chosen one of the candidates to represent you....and provide for you....and lead you.

So who is more qualified to do such a thing? And do you have the courage and the humility to make the right decision? Time will tell....and one day time will hand the baton to eternity....where the eternal lap will be run forever. In other words, your vote on earth is going to be repeated over and over again throughout eternity. So yea....I would say your vote matters.

Dan Delzell is the pastor of Wellspring Lutheran Church in Papillion, Neb. He is a regular contributor to The Christian Post.

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