White House, 'Biden Still on Ticket,' Clinton Not a Replacement

As soon as Paul Ryan was announced as Mitt Romney's choice on the Republican ticket, rumors began flying that President Obama would replace current Vice President Joe Biden with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for the next election. The White House has issued a formal statement contradicting those claims and assuring the public that Biden will remain Vice President.

In 2011, Clinton addressed the rumors that she would replace Biden in the upcoming election. "I do not think it's even in the realm of possibility, and in large measure because I think Vice President Biden has done an amazingly good job," she told NBC. "He ahs taken on the burden of, you know, selling the economic plan, of traveling the country, of answering people's questions."

"It's maybe a subject for speculation on Google, but it's not a serious issue in the administration," Clinton concluded.

The latest round of rumors comes after a speech given by Sarah Palin, who called for Biden to be removed from the 2012 Democratic presidential ticket. Senator John McCain then suggested Obama shake things up by bringing Clinton onto the ticket. "I think it might be wise to do that, but it's not going to happen obviously, for a whole variety of reasons."

"I'm not sure if I were Hillary Clinton I would want to be on that team," he told Fox News. "I think her ambitions frankly are for 2016, and I'm not sure that would enhance that likelihood."

The White House has flatly denied any talk of replacing Biden. Press Secretary Jay Carney told the press yesterday, "That was settled a long, long time ago. And while I appreciate-I have great admiration for and respect for and a long relationship with Senator John McCain, but one place I would not go for advice on vice presidential running mates is to Senator McCain."