Can Spotify Find a Loyal Base of Customers in the U.S. Too?

Can Spotify's success in Europe be repeated on American soil? This question should be put to test starting now as the music-streaming company officially launched its services on Thursday in the U.S.

Originally from Sweden, this company has had great success in Europe with the service available in various countries, such as the U.K., Spain, France, Finland, the Netherlands, Norway and of course, Sweden.

The company recently issued a press release revealing that its user-base currently numbers an impressive 10 million registered users from which 15 percent, or 1.6 million, are paying subscribers. It also plans to reap the same success in the U.S.

Spotify offers its services in three plans. The free plan is the most popular plan among users although it includes "occasional advertising." The second is an unlimited plan at $4.99 and features no advertising, no time limits, and the option to choose "millions of songs." The final plan costs $9.99 and offers the same features as the previous plan plus the option to listen without an internet connection and on your mobile device. Not only so, the premium plan also enables you to listen in higher sound quality.

The service also integrates social networking allowing users to share their music selections with others through Facebook, Twitter, SMS and e-mail.

It is supported across all major platforms including Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS (iPhone/iPod), Android, Windows Mobile, S60(Symbian), webOS, Sonos, and Telia Digital-TV.