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Women in Combat: Does This Go Against God's Divine Order?

Women in Combat: Does This Go Against God's Divine Order?

Serious questioning has erupted over the issue of women being allowed on the front lines. Does this advancement in women's equality erase the line of God's divine order for males and females?

Executive Director of the Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty Ron Crews believes that this is not a matter of courage, desire or ability. "God created inside of man the honor to protect the women around them. Men in combat will have that innately inside of them. This will cause a distraction in combat," Crews told The Christian Post on Wednesday.

The recent announcement from Defense Secretary Leon Panetta that the ban on women fighting on the front lines would be lifted by 2016 has sparked pensive thinking regarding the blurred roles of men and women in combat.

"What we have to question is what is best for the military commanders in war fighting units," says Crews. "Soldiers have to depend on each other. They are in some very difficult places, very rustic areas. There is a strength issue. Can a female soldier carry an injured male soldier to safety? Men in combat should not be placed in an unnecessary strained environment."

Navy veteran Sabrina Bitmayl is strongly against overturning the 1994 rule that bans women from being assigned to smaller ground combat units. She believes that the most substantial reason is the emotional genetics between men and women that will cause harm and distraction in combat.

"With addition to the protective factor you have the sexual factor," says Bitmayl. "There is one female to 20 men. I can tell you my experiences of being the only female around alpha males. They not only want to protect but want to conquer. There is a fact that women are emotional no matter how strong we pride ourselves in being. At the end of the day we are females that aspire for love."

But Defense Secretary Leon Panetta believes there are strong arguments for women serving on the frontlines given that "they're serving in a growing number of critical roles on and off the battlefield."

"It's clear to all of us that women are contributing in unprecedented ways to the military's mission of defending the nation," said Panetta.

Michelle Howard, a six-month private in the army, is thrilled that women can fight as part of the military. "Women can become CEOs of companies and have their own businesses, yet we are questioned when it comes to the military. This does not erase God's order. He has given women the ability to be detailed thinkers. Our talents can be utilized just as a man's."

Although great strides have been made in women obtaining high-ranking jobs in civilian life, eyebrows are raised when asked if the ambition of women have gone too far.

"In my opinion there is too much equality," says Bitmayl. "Why do women want to do it all and then complain when they have to? Sometimes I think we need to take a step back and look at how things used to be with our grandparents and at the same time look at nature with animals and how God really intended for the roles of males and females."

While the debate will continue about strength, equality and ambition of women in the military, retired Army Chaplain Ron Crews raises a significant question: "In a severe case, will women be drafted? Is that what moms and dads want for their 18-year-old daughters? Are we prepared for the draft of women? The military really needs to explore this question."

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