Wycliffe Bible Translators Reappoints Bob Creson President and CEO

Wycliffe Bible Translators, the largest scripture translation organization in the world, recently announced that it had reelected its current present to his fourth 3-year term.

President and Chief Executive Officer Bob Creson was selected by the organizations board of directors to a fourth consecutive term, which took effect on Oct. 1.

"Bob has been a true example of humble but aggressive leadership over the last nine years," said Brady Anderson, chairman of the board, said in a statement.

"The board is thrilled to have him continue in this role as he leads Wycliffe USA's historic effort to launch Bible translation programs for all of the world's languages by 2025," he added.

After he was reelected to his fourth term, Creson appointed Russ Hersman to be Wycliffe's chief operations officer. Since 2005, Hersoman has been the senior vice president and provided executive leadership to prayer ministries, recruitment ministries, personnel and leadership development.

Creson will be tasked with overseeing and implementing the organization's Bible translation program, Reaching the Last Languages, which has been one of the main focuses at Wycliffe.

Reaching the Last Languages is an effort to build Bible translation programs in order to provide people in nearly 2,000 language groups the chance to read scripture in their own language.

Wycliffe Bible Translators was founded in 1942 in order to bring the message of Jesus Christ to all people while at the same time providing a more intimate relationship with scripture by making it available in people's native tongues around the world.

While also providing the Bible in native languages, Wycliffe is also determined to help the local culture by producing educational and health information in that culture's language.

Wycliffe coordinates thousands of translators, linguists, aviators, humanitarian workers, educators and administrators, who are dedicated to bringing the Bible to people around the globe.

Wycliffe is also dedicated to partnering with organizations on both the local and national level. Wycliffe has completed more than 700 scripture translations and is currently participating in 1,500 programs in 99 countries around the world.