Ye Shiwen Controversy Over Swimmer's World Record Time: Chinese Teen on Drugs?

A relatively unknown swimmer on the Chinese Olympic team set a world record in the women's 400-meter individual medley, but her time is drawing accusations of doping.

Ye Shiwen, 16, who destroyed the world record in the women's 400 meter individual medley, was even faster than Ryan Lochte, one of the best U.S. male swimmers in history, in the same event.

China, who has had past controversies involving doping, denied all reports that she cheated during the race, according to AFP.

"There is no problem with doping; the Chinese team has a firm policy, so there is no problem with that," Shiwen told reporters.

Shiwen swam the final 50 meters of the 400 meter individual medley race in 28.93 seconds. That was almost two-tenths faster than Lochte's 29.10 seconds in his final 50 meters in the men's race.

Stephanie Rice, who once held the women's 400 meter individual medley record, was shocked at the race results.

"Insane … I mean, I didn't see it, I was way over and behind, so I didn't really see her coming home, but that split coming home was out of control," Rice told reporters.

Shiwen, who shaved almost seven seconds off her time from last year's 400 meter individual medley at the world championships, also set the quickest pace in the world during the qualifying heats for the women's 200-meter medley, recording an impressive time of 2 minutes, 8.90 seconds, according to AFP.

When asked about the feat from the young Chinese swimmer, Lochte was not sure that he could have beaten her.

"We were all talking about that at dinner last night," Lochte said. "It was pretty impressive. And it was a female. She's fast. If she was there with me, I don't know, she might have beat me."

U.S. men's swimming coach Gregg Troy also was impressed with the result.

"Heck of a swim. You notice stuff like that ... You guys can do the research. I think that's probably the fastest women's split ever," Troy said.