Young Women's Ministry to Launch Hand-Written Notes Campaign Aimed at Boosting Teen Self-Esteem

Rave Ministries, an organization focused on teenage girls, will launch AprilRAVES next month, a 30-day challenge to commit to giving hand-written notes of encouragement to others.

Following the success of the ministry's "No Makeup November" campaign that attracted thousands to participate last year, the group of young women behind Rave wants to continue building a community of supportive girls. Their intent is to motivate one another amid the negativity they are exposed to through social media.

"We decided to make this campaign about writing notes because written words have extreme power. You can re-read them over and over again. On days when life is horrible and you feel all alone, you can pick up notes and read them and be reminded that the Lord made you for a purpose and someone noticed that," Becca Daniel, leader of the organization, told The Christian Post.

Rather than abstain from something similar to their previous movement, this proactive campaign will encourage participants to take action by boosting another young girl's confidence through words of affirmation. To spread the word even further, Daniel is urging the girls to share their ideas on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

"We want girls to be together in community as we strive to build each other up. The word 'rave' means to go on and on about something you believe in. Our desire as Christians is to rave about what Jesus has done and rave about others," said Daniel.

The timing of the project coincides with the arrival of spring and the likeliness of April rain showers during the season, hence the name of the campaign. However, Daniel emphasizes that partaking in the challenge is about "extravagant praise." In other words, participants should "shower" their peers with encouragement, in order to potentially change their life.  

"We are fed so many lies from Satan and those are the voices we hear. Often those words are louder than any good words we might receive, so if we have written words on cards taped to our lockers, laid on our cars, slid in our study books, hand addressed or delivered, we can look back and read those on our darkest days and see some light," said Daniel.

She added, "each word is a gift. What if we treated every word that came out of our mouths, every word tweeted on our phones, or every word texted or written as a gift? What beautiful presents we could start to give."

In addition to their effort, Rave Ministry will offer notecards packages decked with 'Rave' and 'AprilRAVEs' logos along with a bracelet that read 'extravagant,' on their website for sale.

Rave Ministries is a non-denominational ministry with no affiliation to a specific church or school. They deliver their campaign messages through hands-on curriculums presented in interactive ways. The ministry also pushes their motivational messages via apparel, conferences, and retreats.