Zac Efron's Heather Graham Jitters Revealed

Zac Efron admitted that the pressures of acting still sometimes get to him during the premiere of his latest film on Friday.

Attending the Tribeca Film Festival, Efron joined co-stars Dennis Quaid and Heather Graham at the premiere of "At Any Price."

Efron, 25, revealed his long-standing crush on Graham, despite the fact that the "Boogie Nights" actress is nearly twice his age.

Furthermore, "At Any Price" includes an intimate scene between the actors, and Efron said the role made him nervous.

"I've been a fan of Heather's and had a crush on her since I can remember," Efron told The New York Post. "She's always been the epitome of that perfect girl. I wanted to get it right."

Alternately, 43-year-old Graham offered commentary on her co-star during Friday's premiere.

"Zac is just really together," said the "Austin Powers" star, according to the Huffington Post. "I'm so amazed by how smart and hard working he is. And he has the craziest fans of any actor I've ever worked with … like they're screaming and waiting outside the set for hours."

Ramin Bahrani served as director of "At Any Price," which is rated R. The family drama is not Efron's first appearance in an independent film. The former "High School Musical" star has also starred in "Me and Orson Welles" and "The Paperboy."

Looking ahead, the newly minted "indie darling" said that he will continue making films outside of mainstream production.

"I've been doing a lot of interviews with Dennis [Quaid] and his words of wisdom are sort of just fresh in my mind," said the actor.

"Dennis says the only role he sort of had for himself in this career is to do as many different types of movies as possible and never stop stretching or trying something new, particularly roles that challenge you, and working with great directors," Efron added. "That's really all I want to do."