Zachery Tims Death: Former Church Member Publishes Revealing Facebook Page

A former member of Zachery Tims' Florida megachurch has launched a Facebook page about the late pastor, revealing photos and commentary on Tims' ministry and funeral service on the social networking website.

The administrator of the Facebook community page, titled "Pastor Zachery Tims," claims to have been a former member of the minister's church, New Destiny Christian Center (NDCC) in Apopka, Fla.

Tims, 42, was found dead in a New York City hotel room on Aug. 12.

In one post, the administrator explains, "This page was made to honor Pastor Zachery Tims and his Family. For us to show continued support, Prayer and love. The key word here is LOVE and we have it in us all. Also to share testimonial on how he impacted the many lives he did."

The page, launched Aug. 15, the night NDCC held a special service to address so-called rumors around Tims' death, has attracted more than 1,200 fans.

On Aug. 19, the administrator indicated that she or he had attended the viewing held that day for Tims.

The administrator wrote, "We literally just got back a little over an hour ago from the viewing for Pastor Zach. Let me tell you it was the most beautiful...experience that I cannot put into words... So Many came out tonite [sic], it seemed as if thousands came. It left you in awe seeing the flow of people flowing thru the church to view Pastor Zach. NDCC did a stella [sic] job in making this all come together and I thank God for giving them the strengh to push forward."

The "Pastor Zachery Tims" community page moderator apparently also attended Tims' funeral the following day, at First Baptist Church of Orlando.

"As I am type my words, My heart is extremely...heavy. You almost can not put it into words. The service was so Beautiful and Amazing. I will try my best to express to all of you what word I received from this beautiful Tribute to the Late Pastor Zach."

The moderator also described T.D. Jakes' eulogy, calling it "powerful."

"Bishop Jake[s] didnt sugar coat it or even hide the truth he said the way it needed to be said and heard. For all that dont know, Pastor Zach was hurting, hurting from the ridicule, the critizism, the hate and lack of love people showed him over his mistakes. TD [Jakes] cried as he posed the question How many times does one have to ask for Forgiveness before you can truly forgive his transgressions; How many times."

The identity of the administrator of the Facebook community page was unclear, but the person published links to tribute videos on YouTube connected to a user named "starjade241" and made statements insinuating responsibility for producing the videos.

In one of "starjade241's" YouTube videos, titled "Pastor Zachery Tims Funeral and Viewing," photos are shown of Tims' funeral and also of flowers sent on his behalf to Woodlawn Funeral Home and Cemetery in Orlando, where Tims was buried. A photo was even shown of Tims' gravestone.

The Christian Post (CP) contacted "starjade241" through YouTube and the account holder responded, claiming responsibility for the "Pastor Zachery Tims" Facebook page.

"I was a regular attendee of NDCC [e]arly on in my walk. He [i]mpacted my life and I will always keep that near to heart," "starjade241" told CP when asked about her relationship with the Florida megachurch.

The majority of comments left on the Facebook page expressed gratitude for the information, images and videos.

NDCC, meanwhile, announced on Aug. 30 that special tribute services would be held for Tims on Sept. 18.

The program, titled "Moving Forward," was to honor Tims' legacy, a representative with NDCC told CP Wednesday.

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