Zachery Tims: Official Facebook Page Confirms New Tribute

After the scandal surrounding the tragic death of Pastor Zachery Tims, his megachurch, New Destiny Christian Center, remained mostly silent and private about the controversies. However, due to the Pastor’s popularity, many supporters, seeking an outlet to express their support and testimonies of Tims, created Facebook pages and blog sites to pay tribute to their pastor.

However, as the gossip and controversy regarding Tims’ death has died down, New Destiny Christian Center broke its silence on September 2, and left a post on its official Zachery Tims Facebook page.

“You will still receive inspiring quotes and updates abt New Destiny Christian Ctr. We are moving forward. Please don’t be deceived with the other Zachery Tims pages. This is the official Zachery Tims/NDCC,” wrote the church.

NDCC also posted a message on its own official Facebook page at requesting assistance, tributes and testimonies for a September 18 tribute service dedicated to the fallen Pastor.

Tims has already received a flurry of thoughtful and loving comments on the churches main page.

Monica James wrote, “Pastor Tims will be missed by me dearly. I have watched him from day one. May God give your family strength and your members. You help me and you never knew and for that I am deeply sorry. Love Monica James!!!”

Buca Nomics compared Tims to a biblical figure.

“Like David, Dr.Tims was a man with failures but just like David he was a man after God’s own heart,” wrote Nomics.

The Zachery Tims official page is also asking those who want to show their support for Tims, to submit their tributes and testimonies to no later than September 15.

A Facebook page also emerged which can be deceiving since its name only differs from the official page by including Pastor before Zachery Tims in the display name and html.

Despite any controversy in creating a “rival” page, it has also become another vehicle for Tims’ supporters to express their love for the late Pastor.

Lisalee Noble-Walton wrote, “Pastor Zack spoke strongly on moving FORWARD!! Move forward people leave the past behind! I will never forget his rearview mirror story!! Leave it behind!!!”

Others questioned the controversy surrounding his death.

“What bothers me is they did not do an autopsy. Why? No one has thought he was framed or even murdered??,” wrote Pam Badger.