Zodiac Killer 'Identified' 91-Year-Old Hidden by Police? (VIDEO)

The infamous Zodiac killer is still alive according to one police officer who wrote a book on his own theory of who the real killer might be.

California Highway Patrol officer Lyndon Lafferty has claimed that the real Zodiac killer is still alive and well in California. Lafferty also claims that the man, who he himself will not name, was once considered a suspect by police.

The new book has been titled "Zodiac Killer Cover Up: The Silenced Badge." The Zodiac killer caused terror throughout Northern California in the late 1960s and early 1970s. He earned a reputation by sending letters to police about his killings, which often contained cryptograms. The 42-year-old resulted in at least five known killings, although the killer claims to have killed 37.

Assisting Lafferty in writing his book are three other potentially credible sources, one being a police detective another a naval intelligence officer.

"The true identity of the psychotic ZODIAC killer has been known by the Mandamus Seven since March 15, 1971. This true story is now being told for the very first time," the book's website states."Mandamus" refers to a group of retired law enforcement officials, federal agents, and district attorneys.

Lafferty alleges that "official corruption" and "political intervention" prevented the truth of the case from coming forwards, alternatively giving the Zodiac a "license to kill."

Lafferty also charges that both the suspect and his wife were known personally by some of those in charge.

The case, originally closed in 2004, was reopened in 2007 when new evidence came forward.

According to Lafferty the motive of the killings dealt with "adultery," suggesting that the Zodiac began his killing spree after discovering that his wife had an affair.

According to a professional code breaker that once worked in a official capacity cracking codes during the Korean War, Lafferty states that the name of the Zodiac has been in the codes of his letters this entire time.

While many still question Lafferty's reliability, the retired officer states that even the Zodiac was unnerved by the revelation and sent Lafferty a threatening letter telling him so.