Zonderkidz Releases '1001 Questions Kids Ask and God Answers' as Bible Guide

While it is common knowledge that children ask a plethora of questions, adults may have a hard time answering many of the complicated inquiries that stem from the inspired Word of God. However, Zonderkidz publishing company has attempted to remedy the situation by compiling 1001 Bible Questions Kids Ask and God Answers to serve as a guide for both children and their parents when reading the Bible.

The book was created for children ages six through nine and was set up to serve as a guide to the New International Version (NIV) Bible in a question-and-answer format. Zonderkidz, a division of Zondervan which is currently the leader in Christian children's communications, released a statement about the need for parents to obtain the book for their children as an encouraging resource.

"An excellent resource for curious young Bible readers and must-have bedside companion, 1001 Questions Kids Ask will equip parents to satisfy young curiosity about Christianity and encourage learning and understanding of the Bible," the statement reads.

The bedside companion for children is outlined in the same way as the Bible, beginning at Genesis and ending at Revelation. There is a featured contents page that includes many of the themes spoken about in Scripture.

While simple questions about how people should act toward their enemies are answered in 1001 Questions Kids Ask, other complicated subjects such as drinking alcohol were also included in the text's 1,001 questions.

Adults learning about the Bible may even be able to benefit from the book, as it also provides answers to debatable questions like "is it wrong for women to teach or preach?"

"Some think Paul was prohibiting women from teaching or exercising authority over men in all times and places. Others think he meant that women who had not been properly taught (like women of Ephesus) should not attempt to teach," the answer in the children's book reads. "Still others think Paul was expressing an opinion that was appropriate for the culture in which he lived but that does not apply to today's world."

The introduction to the 1001 Bible Questions Kids Ask and God Answers suggests: "Keep this book by your side whenever you are reading your Bible, and when you come to a word you need help with, or you don't recognize a Bible person's name, this book will be your perfect companion."

The 352-page book from Zondervan was published in September is available online and in stores.