List: Churches, pro-life offices torched, vandalized by abortion activists since Supreme Court leak

Pro-choice and anti-abortion demonstrators gather outside the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington, D.C., on June 24, 2022.
Pro-choice and anti-abortion demonstrators gather outside the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington, D.C., on June 24, 2022. | MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images

Updated at 10:00 a.m. ET on June 24:

Following Politico’s report of a leaked draft opinion in the U.S. Supreme Court case of Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization indicating that a majority of justices seem inclined to overturn the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion nationwide, multiple churches and pro-life advocacy organizations have been burned, looted and vandalized by pro-abortion extremists. 

A group of pro-abortion activists identifying themselves as Jane’s Revenge has taken credit for multiple acts of vandalism against pro-life pregnancy centers and churches. The group previously demanded that all pro-life organizations disband and issued a communique on June 14 declaring “open season” on “anti-choice” groups.

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However, not every act of vandalism is explicitly tied to outrage over the leaked Dobbs draft. Here is a list of churches and pro-life organizations that have been vandalized or had items stolen from them since Politico’s story was published on May 2. Sixteen United States senators cited CP’s list of vandalism in a letter to U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland requesting more information about the Department of Justice’s strategy to prevent such attacks in addition to investigating and prosecuting those responsible.

The most recent acts of vandalism are listed first. The list will be updated as more vandalism takes place.

Jackson Right to Life: Jackson, Michigan

Rep. Tim Walberg, R-Mich., announced on Facebook on June 22 that “Last night our office and Jackson Right to Life were attacked by a radical pro-abortion group.” He noted that “our windows were broken, our logo was smashed right on the front door, and this radical group spray-painted their name over the Jackson Right to Life sign.”

Walberg shared images of the vandalism, one of which documented the words “Jane’s Revenge” spray-painted across the streetside sign advertising Jackson Right to Life and its “life-affirming solutions,” indicating that Jane’s Revenge was the “radical pro-abortion group” he was referring to. 

Two pro-life pregnancy centers in Michigan

Jane’s Revenge took credit for the vandalism of two Detroit-area pro-life pregnancy centers in an email obtained by the anarchist website Abolition Media: “On the night of 6/19 a gang of criminal queers smashed the windows of two fake abortion clinics in the greater Detroit area leaving the messages ‘if abortion isn’t safe, neither are you’ and ‘fake clinic.’ Jane will have her revenge.”

Lennon Pregnancy Center, a pro-life clinic in Dearborn Heights, Michigan, took to Facebook on June 20 to share images of the vandalism that occurred the day prior: “Every window and door along the front face of our building was smashed as well as the building being spray painted with graffiti. Four additional side windows were smashed in on the sides of the building.”  

As the post indicated, the vandalism also impacted “the printing business that shares our building.” Lynn Mills, a pro-life activist based in Michigan, uploaded images of vandalism at the other pro-life pregnancy center targeted by Jane’s Revenge to her Facebook account on June 21. The pictures reveal a boarded-up Pregnancy Care Center in Redford, Michigan with graffiti spray-painted on the side of the building.

Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life: Minneapolis, Minnesota

The pro-life group Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life announced on its Twitter account June 15 that its office in Minneapolis had been vandalized for the second time in recent weeks. Pictures of the vandalism reveal the phrase “Abortion is Liberation” spray-painted across the front door and the front window of the facility broken. A third picture showed shards of glass scattered across a table inside the building.

The group expressed gratitude that “we are all safe,” urging supporters to “pray for the safety of the justices and of MCCL and other pro-life groups” ahead of the Supreme Court decision.

Gresham Pregnancy Resource Center: Gresham, Oregon

Luke Cirillo, CEO of the nonprofit organization First Image, announced on the company’s Facebook page June 10 that the Gresham Pregnancy Resource Center was set on fire that morning at around 3 a.m.

"From initial investigations by Police and Fire authorities, it appears an incendiary device was thrown through a window," Cirillo said. 

“Our alarm system immediately alerted Fire and Police, and they arrived very quickly and extinguished the fire,” Cirillo stated. “[I]t was mostly contained to one room, but damage there was extensive and there is additional water and smoke damage in other parts of the building.”

The perpetrator of the apparent arson remains at large and the pro-life pregnancy center, which was scheduled to undergo a “full renovation,” will temporarily close to make way for needed repairs in light of the vandalism. 

Options360: Vancouver, Washington

Alissa Azar, who describes herself as a Syrian journalist who covers “right wing violence & activity in the [Pacific Northwest],” posted pictures of vandalism at a pro-life pregnancy center in Vancouver, Washington on Twitter on June 9.

“Options360, an evangelical pregnancy crisis center in Vancouver, WA, was hit with some red paint last night and had ‘Jane’s Revenge’ written on the front of the building,” she reported.

CompassCare: Buffalo, New York

CompassCare, a group of pro-life pregnancy centers committed to “serving women in Buffalo and across NY State” and “erasing the need for abortion,” announced on June 7 that its Buffalo office was “firebombed by abortion terrorists.” The pro-life organization posted a statement on its website explaining that “Early this morning police and firefighters responded to smoke at CompassCare’s Buffalo office.”

“The windows in the reception room and nurses’ office were broken and fires lit. Graffiti on the building left by arsonists refers to the abortion terrorist group Jane’s Revenge, reading ‘Jane Was Here,’” the statement continued. A group of pro-abortion activists identifying themselves as Jane’s Revenge has claimed responsibility for numerous acts of vandalism in recent weeks. 

Two firefighters suffered minor injuries fighting the fire and were admitted to the hospital. 

Mountain Area Pregnancy Services: Asheville, North Carolina

Mountain Area Pregnancy Services, a pro-life pregnancy center in Asheville, North Carolina, announced on Facebook on June 7 that “Our building was vandalized last night.” Pictures of the vandalism accompanying the post revealed the phrase “If abortions aren’t safe, neither are you” spray-painted on the sidewalk in front of the facility, along with a symbol for the anarchist movement.

Additionally, red spray paint was splattered all over the front door and windows of the building, which were also broken. Graffiti reading “No forced birth” was painted on the back walls of the facility. 

Capitol Hill Crisis Pregnancy Center: Washington, D.C.

Janet Durig, the executive director of The Capitol Hill Crisis Pregnancy Center in Washington, D.C., told The Daily Signal that her business was vandalized either late June 2 or early morning June 3. Images of the vandalism reveal red paint dumped on the front door and doormat, egged windows and a message reading “Jane Says Revenge” spray-painted on the exterior walls of the facility. 

Dove Medical Pregnancy Center: Eugene, Oregon

Journalist Andy Ngo posted pictures of vandalism at Dove Medical Pregnancy Center in Eugene, Oregon to his Twitter account May 27. As Ngo explained, “An individual or group associating itself with far-left extremist #abortion group Jane’s Revenge attacked the Dove Medical pregnancy center sometime on May 27. They drew a modified communist symbol & dumped red paint at the building.”

Additional phrases spray-painted onto the building included “Abortion is healthcare,” “Not a clinic” and “From Jane.”

Next Step Pregnancy Center: Lynnwood, Washington

Security video footage captured outside Next Step Pregnancy Services in Lynnwood, Washington reveals a vandal spray-painting pro-abortion messages on the exterior of the building in the early morning hours of May 25. Images shared by Seattle radio host Jason Rantz showed he words “If abortion isn’t safe” were painted on the front door of the pro-life pregnancy center while the rest of the phrase, “Then you aren’t either!” spray-painted on the ground in front of the entrance.

At the back of the building, the vandal painted the words “Jane’s Revenge” on steps leading to a back entrance. A group of pro-abortion activists identifying themselves as Jane’s Revenge has claimed responsibility for numerous acts of vandalism in recent weeks. In an interview with Rantz, Heather Vasquez, director of Next Step Pregnancy Services, explained that the vandal “took it upon themselves to throw rocks and break five of our windows.”

Mt. Avery M.B. Church: Lowndes County, Mississippi

Stephen Pimpo of WCBI News, a CBS affiliate based in northern Mississippi, reported on May 24 that “The Lowndes County Sheriff’s Dept. is investigating the vandalism of Mt. Avery M.B. Church,” which “was discovered Monday morning.” Pictures of the pro-abortion vandalism revealed a message reading “girls just want to have fundamental rights” spray-painted on the doors of the church, a play on the Cyndi Lauper song “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.”

Additional images showed the phrase “Keep Your Laws Off My Body” spray-painted in multiple locations on the exterior walls of the church. 

Four churches: Olympia, Washington

The group of pro-abortion activists calling themselves Jane’s Revenge took credit for the vandalism of four Washington state churches over the weekend of May 21-22. A blog posted on the anarchist website Abolition Media May 23 contained the contents of an email sent by the Bo Brown Cell of the pro-abortion organization.

“Last night we vandalized four anti-abortion churches in Olympia,” the email read. “A Mormon church, Calvary church, Harbor Church, and St. Michael’s Catholic church all received facelifts in the early hours of Sunday morning. We dumped red paint over the entryways and left messages of ‘If abortions aren’t safe then neither are you,’ ‘Abort the church,’ and ‘God loves abortion.’”

A picture accompanying the blog revealed the front of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints at 1116 Yew Ave NE with the phrase “If abortions aren’t safe then neither are you” spray-painted between two sets of double doors, along with the anarchist symbol. 

BirthRight: Frederick, Maryland

A Twitter user who identifies himself as Wayward Streamer, a self-described “photo/ video reporter from the Frontline,” shared pictures of vandalism at BirthRight, a crisis pregnancy center in Frederick, Maryland, on his Twitter account on May 8. The words “Defend Roe” were spray-painted between the facility’s two front windows. The profane “F*** fake clinic” was written next to the front door, reflecting the hostility pro-abortion activists have toward pro-life pregnancy clinics.

Alpha Pregnancy Center: Reisterstown, Maryland

Wayward Streamer shared pictures of Alpha Pregnancy Center in Reisterstown, Maryland May 7. Graffiti painted in black next to the front entrance read “You’re anti-choice,” with the phrase “not pro-life” painted in red directly underneath it.

To the left of the entrance, additional graffiti proclaimed “If abortions aren’t safe neither are you.” The door of the crisis pregnancy center was vandalized to read “not a clinic.” The porch directly in front of the office had the words Jane’s Revenge painted on it. Jane’s Revenge previously claimed responsibility for throwing a Molotov cocktail through the window of a pro-life organization in Wisconsin.

Oregon Right to Life: Salem, Oregon

A statement posted by the pro-life organization Oregon Right to Life on May 9 said, “In the late evening on Sunday, May 8, the offices of Oregon Right to Life were attacked.” The group noted that “An individual used incendiary devices, one of which exploded and caught the building on fire.”

“The office was vacant at the time and no one was harmed. Fire and police departments responded quickly, minimizing damage to the building.”

Holy Rosary Church: Houston, Texas

In a Facebook post on May 9, Friar Mariano Veliz shared a picture of the words “Pro-choice is pro-life!” spray-painted on the doors of Holy Rosary Church in Houston, Texas, accompanied by the caption: “This is what the angry, hateful anti-Catholic pro-choice activists did to our church last night.” Veliz, who serves as a parochial vicar at the church, added that “these people painted the same message on our side doors as well.”

St. Bartholomew the Apostle Catholic Church: Katy, Texas

Father Christopher Plant of St. Bartholomew the Apostle Catholic Church in Katy, Texas, took to Twitter May 9 to announce that “Our tabernacle was stolen last night.” Adrian Fonseca, a producer for a Catholic radio network, provided an update on Twitter May 11: “They found the tabernacle at a Burger King. Appears to be cracked open. Stole Our Lord and left behind the Gold. Clearly was not stolen for the money, but for something far more precious.”

In a subsequent tweet, Fonseca asserted that “things are more complicated” because the “tabernacle was stolen a second time.” He maintained that “police have the faces and plates of the two sets of thieves,” adding, “[they] predict they will have it in custody within 24 hours.”

First Care Women’s Health: Manassas, Virginia

ABC News affiliate WUSA in Washington, D.C., aired a report on vandalism that took place at First Care Women’s Health, a pro-life pregnancy center in Manassas, Virginia. Becky Sheetz, the CEO of First Care’s parent company Life First, explained that “in one section, it said liars, another one said fake clinic and the other one said ‘abortion is a right.’” A tweet from the Rev. Dean Nelson of the pro-life group Human Coalition indicates that the vandalism took place on May 8.

Wisconsin Family Action: Madison, Wisconsin

An Incident Report compiled by the police department in Madison, Wisconsin, stated that “Flames were seen coming from” the headquarters of the pro-life organization Wisconsin Family Action “shortly after 6 a.m.” on May 8. According to the report, “A Molotov cocktail, which did not ignite, was thrown inside the building. It also appears a separate fire was started in response. Graffiti was also found at the scene. No injuries have been reported.”

Pictures of the vandalism, posted to Twitter by Alexander Shur of the Wisconsin State Journal showed the phrase “If abortions aren’t safe then you aren’t either” painted on an exterior wall of the facility and a fire-damaged office with books scattered across the floor. Jane’s Revenge claimed responsibility for the attack and vowed to engage in further vandalism.

Loreto House: Denton, Texas 

Loreto House, a pro-life pregnancy center in Denton, Texas, has also experienced pro-abortion vandalism in recent days. A tweet posted by North Texas Catholic on May 8 reported that the facility was “vandalized this weekend.” The organization helps women, men and children by providing “material goods, parent education, and emotional and spiritual support” during a woman’s pregnancy and up to the child’s third birthday. 

Pictures of the vandalism reveal the roadside sign advertising the facility emblazoned with the phrase “Not a clinic” and the same phrase painted on the organization’s front door. Additional graffiti on the building proclaims, “Forced Birth is Murder.”  

Concerned Women for America: Alexandria, Virginia

Security camera footage obtained by Fox News reveals an unidentified male vandalizing the headquarters of the pro-life organization Concerned Women for America in Alexandria, Virginia earlier this month. The video footage shows the perpetrator repeatedly flipping off the security camera and urinating on the doors and windows of the facility in addition to ripping the intercom system and security camera from the wall.

Images of the vandalism provided to The Daily Wire reveal urine stains on the ground-level doors and windows of the facility along with the exposed wires from the intercom system that the vandal left behind.

St. John XXIII Catholic Parish: Fort Collins, Colorado

Fort Collins Police Services in Fort Collins, Colorado, announced on Facebook that “around 1:15 a.m. on May 7, an unknown person spray painted the front doors of [St. John XXIII Catholic Parish] and broke exterior glass panels.” A parishioner of the church posted a picture of the vandalism on Twitter later that day. The phrase “My Body My Choice” was painted on the church doors.

St. Joseph’s Priory: Armada, Michigan

At the beginning of the month, St. Joseph’s Priory, a Catholic Church in Armada, Michigan, was vandalized with graffiti, although the messages did not include any reference to abortion. Pictures of the vandalism, posted on Twitter, reveal that graffiti reading “Gay” was painted on the sign advertising St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church & Academy. A sidewalk featured graffiti reading “FAG Republicans Dead.” A door at the church was painted with the number “666” and the word “FAGS.”

Another door had a pentagram drawn on it. Pillars at the church had the words “suicide” and “big d---” painted on them. A message extending from an exterior wall of a building on the campus to adjacent doors had the number “666” next to a heart symbol alongside the word “big” on top of a picture of male genitalia.

Southeast Portland Pregnancy Resource Center: Portland, Oregon

The group First Image, which runs several pro-life pregnancy centers, announced on Facebook May 5 that “a group of people vandalized our Southeast Portland Pregnancy Resource Center last night.” First Image elaborated on the damage sustained at the Portland, Oregon facility, noting that “All the windows on one side of the center were broken, and there was a hateful, anti-PRC message spray-painted on the wall.”

“The incident happened overnight, and nobody was hurt. We have an incredibly resilient staff. Nonetheless, it is deeply unsettling and puts everybody at all of our locations a bit on edge,” the group added.

Sacred Heart of Mary Church: Boulder, Colorado

The Sacred Heart of Mary Church in Boulder, Colorado, was vandalized May 3, one day after the publication of the Dobbs draft. A news report from local news outlet Denver 7 showed video footage of the vandalism, which included the spray-painted phrases “My Body My Choice” on the doors of the church and “Abortion Saves Lives” on its exterior walls. The church also had several windows broken and statues of the saints featured on the exterior of the property defaced.

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