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10 Powerful Christian Podcasts From Famous Pastors

Are you looking for a new Christian podcast to stream? If you’re seeking uplifting faith-centric shows to listen to, look no further. You can stream thousands of Christian sermons, topical faith podcasts and so much more right now on Edifi.

Edifi is a new Christian podcast app that aggregates almost every Christian show imaginable, offering transformational and faith-inspiring Christian podcasts all in one place for your listening enjoyment. And if you’re looking for Christian sermons, in particular, Edifi has you covered.

From short, powerful sermons to more lengthy theological explorations, the app is filled with pastoral guidance and powerful sermons online that will help transform your perspective. Below, we have a list of just some of what you can hear on Edifi (download the app today). 

From John Piper sermons to messages from Greg Laurie and Steven Furtick, Edifi is the podcast app for you!

“Greg Laurie Podcast”

If you’re looking for stellar preaching and sermons online, look no further than the “Greg Laurie Podcast.” Laurie, pastor of Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, California, delivers powerful messages about living out the gospel. This is a must-listen Christian podcast.

Listen to Christian sermons on the “Greg Laurie Podcast” today.

“Pastor Rick Warren’s Daily Hope”

Pastor Rick Warren is one of America’s most famous preachers. Listen to his “Daily Hope” Christian podcast to hear some of his preaching and some of his daily, uplifting messages. Play Warren’s “Daily Hope” podcast on Edifi today.

“John Piper Sermons”

Another Christian sermons series worth streaming today comes from Pastor John Piper. John Piper sermons are available in podcast form here. And John Piper sermons can also be found in another form as well: Q&A. 

“Ask Pastor John” is a bit different from the typical content one would find in John Piper sermons. This particular online sermon series is more focused on answering tough questions from listeners and fans. Listen to that Christian podcast here.

“Summit Life With J.D. Greear”

Pastor J.D. Greear” offers Christian sermons each week, with his preaching diving into some powerful gospel-driven commentary. If you’re looking for new Christian sermons to stream, be sure to try out “Summit Life With J.D. Greear.” Listen here.

“Elevation With Steven Furtick”

From lessons on letting go, to discussions surrounding miracles and fear, Furtick’s podcast tackles a plethora of preaching topics. You can listen to “Elevation With Steven Furtick” here.

“Tony Evans’ Sermons”

Pastor Tony Evans is yet another powerful preacher who will help grow and transform your spiritual walk. His Christian sermons are also available in podcast form. Listen to his preaching and his sermons online right now.

“Your Move With Andy Stanley Podcast”

And if you’re looking for short, powerful sermons, look no further than Andy Stanley’s Christian podcast. Stanley, pastor of North Point Community Church in Georgia, delivers powerful, 30-minute Christian sermons in “Your Move.” Listen to the podcast on Edifi today.

“Daily Radio Program With Charles Stanley”

Then there’s Pastor Charles Stanley, whose “Daily Radio Program With Charles Stanley” will surely offer additional Christian sermons for your listening enjoyment. You can access these sermons online with the Edifi app today!

“Radical With David Platt”

If you’re looking to discover new Christian sermons, another place to look is the “Radical With David Platt” podcast. Platt’s powerful preaching and his sermons online will inspire you. So, consider downloading or subscribing to this Christian podcast today.

“Timothy Keller Sermons Podcast”

And last but not least comes the “Timothy Keller Sermons Podcast” — sermons online that will deeply inspire you. Keller is known for his deep theological dives, so his Christian sermons are sure not to disappoint. 

If you’re looking for uplifting and thought-provoking preaching, look no further than the “Timothy Keller Sermons Podcast.” Listen today.

And that’s not all! Edifi is filled with powerful Christian podcasts, with categories ranging from Bible studies to women, marriage, kids, prayer and op-ed content. Download the Edifi app today.

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