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American Teenagers are declaring Prolife Rocks!


All across the USA teenagers are inspired by Life. These kids grew up seeing photos of their younger siblings in 4-D ultrasounds and listening to baby brother or sister’s heartbeat at 12 weeks inside of their mom. They understand that their mom is carrying a child not a lump of tissues but a tiny human being.

Since 1973, when Roe V. Wade passed, 60 million American children have been denied the right to life. That equates to 1 child in 4 is missing from this current Gen Z generation due to abortion. Friends! Teachers! Scientists! Doctors! Artists! Athletes! Have all been terminated in the womb. USA Teenagers believe that the abortion issue is our greatest Human Rights issue of the 21st Century with no exceptions. Bar None!


One bold and beautiful fashion brand is promoting all life from the womb to the tomb, with tees and beach bags that message “Life is Amazing” & “Babes Supporting Babes.” Culture of Life 1972 (COL1972) Fashion Brand has quickly grown to be a leader in the Pop-Culture for Life. Gen Z can not get enough of this new product, that boasts “Life is always in Style” and “Let’s Party Like It’s 1972.” There is a VIP list for those who wish to be included in new collections before they launch. There is a waiting list to become an Affiliate for the brand.

“Pop-culture has proudly glamorized the Culture of Death with messaging that abortion is empowering and even fun. Our brand and tribe rejects that message and believe that a Culture of Life must be promoted for the health of our children and nation.” – Gen Z COL1972 Co-founder Vittoria D’Addesi


COL1972 calls their followers and customers aptly, their Life Tribe, winning others to the side of life every day with their fun fashionable and friendly clothing. The best part is that 100% of the profits give back to women and children in crisis.

Unplanned Author, Abby Johnson, was so impressed with this Fashion For Life brand that she partnered with COL1972 to be their first Global Ambassador wearing the beautiful clothing and jewelry at all her National Events.


COL1972 is popping up in boutiques all across the country and even the world. Later this month, COL1972 will be in its first boutique in the United Kingdom.

“We never dreamed we would get this loving and huge response to our fashion for life brand. We are humbled and thank God every day, as He is the CEO of our company.” Said Vittoria D’Addesi.

What are you waiting for? Join the life celebration @COL1972official on all social media and COL1972.com.

JOIN OUR LIFE TRIBE Culture of Life 1972 is inspired by LIFE! We are a squad, a posse, a tribe, a community. We are thinkers and doers. We are creative and adventuresome. We are generous and strong. We are blessed and bold. We are prayer warriors and faith-igniters who are united by the belief that every life has priceless value and great purpose. Everyone is welcome! Join us!