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New Christian Clothing Line Encourages Protecting All Lives

These last few months, so many clothing brands are speaking out about protecting black lives. But they have willfully ignored the biggest threat facing black lives. Not police brutality, but abortion. Since Roe v Wade, abortion has ended 19 million black lives (36% of all abortions were obtained by black women despite making up only 14% of the child bearing population according to the CDC in 2011).

In order to have a consistent conversation, both intellectually and morally, about protecting the sanctity of black lives, the disturbing and ghoulish realities of abortion must be included.


Christian clothing brand, Culture Of Life 1972 (COL1972), is actively working to protect black lives, as well as all of the other lives being threatened by abortion. Their mission is SO much more than producing cute clothes for men and women. They’re a pro-life fashion brand that gives 100% of their profits to pro-life organizations! Turning Point USA POPlitics host, Alex Clark, was completely honored when COL1972official asked her to be their 2020 Ambassador. Hundreds of the COL1972 Life Tribe voted for Alex to be the 2020 ambassador. This partnership will bring together the COL1972 Life Tribe and the POPlitics CUTEservatives to push the pro-life movement into the main stream through beautiful and empowering clothing that makes it easy to have these conversations.

alex clark
COL1972 Global Ambassador Alex Clark is wearing COL1972 Black Romper in size Small.

“Alex Clark is bold and beautiful for life. She embodies the women for whom we design our clothing collections.” Said COL1972 Chief Designer.

Alex and COL1972 started an affiliate program to provide opportunities for people to build a financially rewarding business while making a significant social impact for future generations. “Life. Make it your business.” Is the slogan for their affiliate campaign. Over 300 affiliates have signed up to sell COL1972 product in just 3 months of the programs launch which tells us that Life is very in style.

Help lead for life in the fashion industry by following COL1972official on all social media and subscribing to their newsletter at COL1972.com. Why? It’s really simple: fashion should help and not harm future generations.

JOIN OUR LIFE TRIBE Culture of Life 1972 is inspired by LIFE! We are a squad, a posse, a tribe, a community. We are thinkers and doers. We are creative and adventuresome. We are generous and strong. We are blessed and bold. We are prayer warriors and faith-igniters who are united by the belief that every life has priceless value and great purpose. Everyone is welcome! Join us!