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Pro-Life Fashion Brand Celebrates it’s 1st Birthday - #celebrateCOL

It is no secret that the fashion world is in bed with the abortion movement. 62 fashion brands give back to organizations like Planned Parenthood. Here are a few of the most recognizable brands.

Kate Spade
Tory Burch
Bath & Body Works
Estee Lauder
Levi Strausse
North Face (owned by VF corporation)
Old Navy
Victoria Secret
Calvin Klein
Ann Taylor
Banana Republic

Culture of Life 1972 (COL1972) is the only pro-life fashion brand, which launched in January 2019, which gives back to life with every purchase. Founded by a homeschool mom and her 3 daughters to bring light to the dark world of fashion, the first and only pro-life fashion brand has been well received. Carla D’Addesi and her daughters chose the name Culture of Life 1972, as ‘1972’ honors the last year that the USA enjoyed living in a Culture of Life. 1973, the Supreme Court ruled that our tiniest Americans could be denied the right to life. 60 million American children have been denied the right to life since 1973. Carla D’Addesi says the brand has been used greatly to promote civil conversation about the importance of returning to a Culture of Life.

“Our fashion brand honors those 60 million lives that were denied the right to life. Our brand celebrates a culture that values all life, from the moment of conception to life’s final breath. Our Life Tribe includes risk-takers, dream catchers, prayer warriors, faith igniters and glass ceiling breakers. We are united by the belief that every life, without exception, has immense value and purpose.” States COL1972 Founder & designer Carla D’Addesi.

COL1972 kicks off their 1st-year birthday celebration by offering limited tees for only $19.72.


Their tees support their brand on a mission with messaging like “Life Is Amazing”, “Love Your Mama” and simply “1972.” But COL1972 is not just tees. COL1972 has skinny jeans, little red dresses, cheetah print joggers, lots of bling and baubles, and even overnight bags. They have stylish men and women’s collection that is being worn not only in all 50 States but internationally, as well.


“We believe life is always in style. We have a duty to use fashion to help our kids and communities and not harm them. Every purchase gives back a portion to Culture of Life organizations, adoption and even fostering organizations.” Said Founder Carla D’Addesi.

The COL1972 family hosted 6 Fashion for Life Runway shows in 2019, which empowers their Life Tribe to be bold and beautiful for life. COL1972 is slated to do 8 shows in 2020. They also throw ‘Sip & Shops’ where their tribe shops and is offered complimentary flavored waters and teas, and gets to meet & greet the D’Addesi founders. These are wildly successful and their next one will be at the March for Life January 23-24.

COL1972 is celebrating their 1st birthday with their Life Tribe by offering flash sales the month of January, lots of giveaways and using the #celebrateCOL to be entered for exclusive promotions of limited edition items. What are you waiting for? Join the birthday celebration @COL1972official on all social media and COL1972.com.

JOIN OUR LIFE TRIBE Culture of Life 1972 is inspired by LIFE! We are a squad, a posse, a tribe, a community. We are thinkers and doers. We are creative and adventuresome. We are generous and strong. We are blessed and bold. We are prayer warriors and faith-igniters who are united by the belief that every life has priceless value and great purpose. Everyone is welcome! Join us!