'Attack on Titan' Season 2 Episode 3: Titan Horde Continues to Increase as Humanity Fights for Survival

The battle against the horde of Titans that breached Wall Rose continues as the narrative takes the battle to Southwestward in the next episode of "Attack on Titan."

Attack on Titan
A screenshot of the ape-like Beast Titan from the second season of the popular anime series "Attack on Titan." |

Sasha may have gained a small victory in this week's episode when she managed to blind a Titan with a bow and arrow to save a child. But the battle against the hungry horde of Titans does not end with a single victory, and if anything, the previous episode seems to have only left fans with a handful of questions in mind. Foremost of which is the odd behavior of the Titans outside the walls. Their origins could be revealed in the season's third episode.

The official trailer shows Connie and his blind hope that his family made it out of town safely before the Titans attacked. With this in mind, he rides off to warn people in the other villages about the impending Titan attack.

But the Titans seem to have raided a considerable amount of land, and battles erupt everywhere as the Scout Regiment struggles to keep the horde at bay. On the other hand, Eren and his team, who are on their way to the Ehrmich District, will receive a significant clue that might just reveal the truth behind the new horde of Titans threatening humanity's very existence.

Where did these strange Titans come from, and what does the Beast Titan have to do with this ongoing mystery? Has Connie's family really made it out of town alive and safe, or will he discover a shocking reason behind his folks' disappearance?

Will Eren and his team make it to the breach in Wall Rose soon enough to seal it shut before the death toll increases? And will the Titan in the wall be resealed shut before it finally reawakens and adds to humanity's problems?

"Attack on Titan" airs every Saturday in various broadcasting networks in Japan, and is available to be streamed online via Crunchyroll, FUNimation, Anime Lab and Hulu.

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