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Barbra Streisand Honored With Hebrew University Degree

Barbra Streisand Honored With Hebrew University Degree

Barbra Streisand was awarded an honorary doctorate of philosophy from Hebrew University in Jerusalem on Monday. The legendary singer earned the honor through her human rights efforts as well as her work for Israel and Jewish people.

Jewish herself, Streisand accepted the award and used the opportunity to touch on heavier issues. Despite the honor, the 71-year-old still called out ultra-Orthodox Jews over discrimination against women.

"It's distressing to read about women in Israel being forced to sit in the back of the bus or when we hear about 'Women of the Wall' having metal chairs thrown at them when they attempt to peacefully and legally pray," said Streisand, according to USA Today.

"Repairs are being made, and that's very good," she added.

The singer is currently on tour and kicked off the European leg in London on June 1.

Managers of Streisand's Twitter account noted some of the tour's successes on the social media site this week.

"Congratulations to Barbra… 21 standing ovations tonight in Koin, Germany," one post read.

Streisand is not the only celebrity to have received an honorary degree.

Several high-profile individuals within the entertainment industry have taken home such plaques, including director Steven Spielberg, who received the honor from both the University of Southern California and Boston University.

Furthermore, Oprah Winfrey received an honorary Doctor of Laws degree from Harvard University just last month.

President Barack Obama has several honorary degrees from schools such as Arizona State University and Morehouse College, to name a few.

An honorary degree distinguishes an individual despite their lack of prior association with the school as well as their lack of usual requirements.

Also with several honorary degrees under his belt is Bill Cosby. The "Cosby Show" actor has over a dozen degrees from schools such as Carnegie Mellon University, Berklee College of Music and Yale.

"Scandal" and "Django Unchained" star Kerry Washington received an Honorary Doctor of Fine Arts Degree from her alma mater, George Washington University.