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BMW Crashes Into KFC at 100 MPH, Leaves Driver Dead

BMW Crashes Into KFC at 100 MPH, Leaves Driver Dead

A BMW traveling at 100 mph crashed into a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant in Maryland, leaving the driver dead.

Police say the driver of the speeding vehicle was killed instantly and four others were injured in the KFC crash that took place around 6:30 p.m. in Landover, Md. The four-door BMW was reportedly catapulted through the large windows of the KFC, according to

The driver, identified as a 29-year-old woman, was ejected from the vehicle and killed, according to NBC News. Investigators say there was a 31-year-old male passenger in the car, but he wasn't seriously injured. He was later treated at a hospital for non-life threatening injuries.

Police say the driver most likely going over 100 mph and that the crash scene was more than 100 yards long.

"This is a pretty brutal scene," said Cpl. Evan Baxter from the Prince George's County Police.

Rose Smith, a witness of the accident, told NBC that she was next door at a Citgo Gas Station when she saw the BMW speeding down Martin Luther King, Jr. Highway.

"When it hit the curb it went airborne. And flipped, flipped, flipped, flipped," Smith said.

The BMW reportedly flipped into a sign, a fence, a large metal donation box and a SUV in the KFC parking lot. The driver of the SUV was also treated for non-life threatening injuries. The KFC restaurant, located at 6701 Martin Luther King Jr. Highway, at the intersection of Sheriff Road, suffered structural damage.

A collapse team had to be dispatched to stabilize the building and board up the restaurant's shattered windows.

Police said that speed was definitely a factor in the crash and investigators were testing for alcohol this morning. Authorities say that several other people were injured at the horrific scene, according to The Huffington Post. It is unclear if those injured were customers or employees of the KFC.


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