Bruce Jenner Mother 'Can't Stand' Kris Jenner (VIDEO)

Esther and Kris Jenner
Bruce Jenner mother and wife. |

Kris Jenner has revealed a 23-year-long feud with her mother-in-law, Esther, whom she has not spoken to for the greater part of her marriage.

After being married to Bruce Jenner for more than two decades, Kris Jenner was asked during an episode of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" on Sunday to confront her mother-in-law. Jenner's mother, Esther, will be turning 87. Jenner requested that his wife drive down to Idaho with him to help his mother celebrate her birthday.

Kris Jenner was less than hopeful about the meeting however, and was reluctant to face a meeting with the woman.

"Your mom doesn't really like me that much," she complained to her husband on the reality series.

Bruce Jenner charges back that his wife has had little to do with her mother-in-law for years.

"You've had no relationship with her for the last 15, 18 years," he argued.

Kris Jenner then revealed for the first time that she has had little contact with her mother-in-law for the duration of her marriage. In fact, she has only spoken with Esther 3 or 4 times she admitted. She defended herself by stating that Esther did not react positively to her.

"She has yelled at me - I stay away from people like that," Kris told her husband.

"She doesn't know you," Bruce countered.

But Jenner claims that she had done more than her share to try and win Jenner's mother over, including some of her favorite recipes.

"I made her dinner, I made her brownies, I made her pasta, my favorite soup. I put flowers in her room. I made her feel like a princess!" she said still refusing to visit with the woman. "She doesn't even like me. Why would I go visit somebody who can't stand me?"

Later in the episode, Kris also revealed that she was upset about how little Esther had attempted to get to know her own grandchildren.

"She missed 18 years of her grandchildren growing up," Kris complained to friends.

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