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Cory Booker Saves Woman From Fire, Goes Viral Overnight

Cory Booker Saves Woman From Fire, Goes Viral Overnight

Cory Booker saves a woman from a fire and becomes a legend the next day. So goes the story of the mayor, whose stories have flooded the internet, becoming a viral meme in a few hours.

After the news broke of Cory Booker's save of the woman through a heroic rescue out of a burning building, #CoryBookerStories quickly became the hottest thing to tweet out online.

"Cory Booker doesn't tap into the Force, the Force taps into Cory Booker. #CoryBookerStories," tweeted @LordPalpatine, using the Star Wars theme to comment on the internet folk hero.

The meme is somewhat similar to the Chuck Norris jokes of several years ago, where many exaggerated the martial arts skills, manliness, and meanness of the "Walker, Texas Ranger" star. Cory Booker tweeters acknowledged this when someone wrote "Chuck Norris took off his mask, and underneath was Cory Booker."

Although his hero status may be over the top, the New Jersey politician certainly deserves it. He didn't hesitate to rush into the flames, even when Newark Police Detective Alex Rodriguez warned him not to.

"He basically told me, 'This woman is going to die if we don't help her,' and what can I say to that?" the officer told CBS. For all his exploits, though, the mayor was afraid, getting "very religious" and having a "come to Jesus moment" once felt the flames.

"It's a very, very scary thing. And I'd like to say that I, at that point I was feeling so courageous, but honestly, it was terrifying, and to look back, you can see nothing but flames. Look in front of you see nothing but blackness," Booker told CBS.

"I feel very blessed," he added.

After the ordeal, he was rushed to the hospital for a burn on his hand. The woman suffered second degree burns on her back, but survived.

The internet has lauded the hero for his unflinching heroism, and willingness to put his safety at risk for another person.

"Superman dresses up as Cory Booker for Halloween," tweeted one user.

"Cory Booker always volunteers as tribute," wrote @mister_muchoki, referencing the popular "Hunger Games" movie.

"Cory Booker is a single parent. He raised himself," tweeted another user.


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