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'Dogs Against Romney' Protest Event to be Held During Westminster Dog Show

'Dogs Against Romney' Protest Event to be Held During Westminster Dog Show

Today members of "Dogs Against Romney," a super PAC dedicated to keeping Mitt Romney from becoming president, will hold a protest event outside the Westminster Dog Show.

In a press release, the group wrote that they are seeking "to focus more public attention on the fact that Romney forced his dog to ride for 12 hours on the roof of his car – and even coldly hosed the dog down with water after he became ill and frightened, soiling himself – before driving for hours more – all while Romney's luggage rode inside the car."

The incident "Dogs Against Romney" is trying to raise more awareness about occurred in 1983. The Boston Globe reported that on a family vacation Romney drove for 12 hours with the family dog, an Irish setter named Seamus, in a crate tied to the roof of the car.

When the dog soiled himself, Romney -- with little regard to Seamus' emotional state -- merely pulled over and hosed down both the dog and the car. Romney then callously continued the drive for several more hours with Seamus still outside the car.

Today's protest is sure to draw attention. Since the first Westminster Dog Show in 1877 the Westminster Kennel Club has been putting purebred dogs in the public spotlight. And at this year's show, expertly groomed poodles, bulldogs, terriers, and more will prance across the television screens of millions of American homes. With so many eyes on the dog show, the public mood will be ripe for sympathizing with the innocent animals, and many viewers are sure to turn their attention to the protest.

Though in the past "Dogs Against Romney" has stated that they do not support any specific candidate as they merely want to draw votes away from Romney, they will be supporting Obama with this protest. In their press release they say, "Though Dogs Against Romney does not officially endorse any candidate, the event will also serve to complement 'Pet Lover's for Obama' – these two organization share a common goal: That public attention be brought to Mitt Romney's treatment of his family dog."

While the treatment of poor Seamus sparked a lot of attention when the story first broke, it has since dropped from the public eye, and issues like Romney's religion and business practices have taken the spotlight in Romney-related news. Piggybacking on the popularity of the Westminster Dog Show, "Dogs Against Romney" may just turn press attention back to Romney's cruel animal treatment.