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Father Kills Son, Self: Custody Exchange Incident Results in 2-Year-Old's Death

Father Kills Son, Self: Custody Exchange Incident Results in 2-Year-Old's Death

A father has killed his son before killing himself in a tragic incident in central Pennsylvania, authorities have confirmed.

Father, Kenneth Ayers, reportedly shot and killed his two year old son as well as wounding his estranged wife after they were involved in a custody exchange.

Ayers, 52, is said to have also shot at his own mother during the incident, but she is not thought to have been injured, police have said.

The incident took place on Saturday morning at Ayer's mother's home in a rural area about 20 miles southwest of State College.

Ayers was subject to a protection from abuse order that had been filed by his wife, however, he had permission for visits to his two year old son, Michael, according to Huntingdon County District Attorney George Zanic.

A visit had been arranged at Ayers' mother's home in Barree Township, according to The Associated Press.

However, Ayers is reported to have got in a fight with his wife that ended with him shooting her in her legs and arm with a .40 caliber handgun. He then shot and killed his son.

The father then placed the child's body in the back of his car, but the boy's mother fought to get him out which led to Ayers shooting her again in the face. He then fired at his mother but that shot did not hit her.

Ayers then drove off, and his body was not found until hours later in a truck in the wooded area of Warriors Mark Township.

Police have confirmed that he died of a self-inflicted wound with a gun.

His wife, Hollie Jo Ayers, was rushed to hospital, and despite her multiple gunshot wounds she is expected to survive.


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