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Galaxy Nexus Release Date: AT&T Considering Smartphone, Polls Consumers Online

Galaxy Nexus Release Date: AT&T Considering Smartphone, Polls Consumers Online

AT&T started a poll Nov. 17 on the Google Plus social media network asking consumers' opinions on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus smartphone.

"How many of you are interested in the Galaxy Nexus?" asked AT&T.

Users flooded the poll with responses indicating a high demand for the Galaxy Nexus.

The smartphone is currently expected to have an exclusive launch on the Verizon Wireless network; however, speculations indicate that it could eventually release on other major United States networks after its Verizon release.

Networks considered include AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile, but none of these carriers have expressed intent in carrying the smartphone until now.

The Galaxy Nexus is expected to power both 4G LTE and HSPA+ networks with Verizon Wireless. This led industry insiders to believe AT&T and T-Mobile that power both 4G LTE and HSPA+ could eventually have an option for the Galaxy Nexus.

AT&T removed the poll from Google Plus, but users of the social media network feel that AT&T's attempt to get feedback from the public was a positive step.

"AT&T was running a poll on Google+ whether its customers will be interested in getting the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Now that's what we call democracy," said Google Plus user Danish Urooj.

The Galaxy Nexus has not released on Verizon Wireless. The network said the smartphone will release "later this year," but no specific date has been announced.

Insiders have suggested Nov. 21 as a possible release date. There will most likely be no news of other carriers acquiring the smartphone until after its Verizon Wireless release.