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Human Head Found, Could Belong to Victim of Canadian Killer Luka Magnotta

Human Head Found, Could Belong to Victim of Canadian Killer Luka Magnotta

Last month the world was stunned by the actions of Luka Magnotta, who allegedly murdered and dismembered the body of his former lover Jun Lin. Magnotta mailed Lin's hands and feet to separate locations, but Lin's head was never recovered. Now police have found a human head in Montreal and are conducting tests to see if it belongs to Lin.

Authorities in Montreal responded to a call from Angrignon Park, which reported that a head had been found. The park is moments away from Magnotta's home, where the murder allegedly took place, and officials believe the head could belong to Lin. It is the only part of Lin's body that has not been recovered by authorities.

Magnotta is accused of killing Lin before dismembering his body and mailing the parts to separate entities. He posted video of the incident online, which helped authorities locate him in Germany. Magnotta was taken into custody after being discovered using a computer at an Internet café in Berlin.

He was extradited back to Canada, and did not dispute the extradition, and arrived in Montreal last week. Magnotta has not spoken about the attack and Lin's family has not issued a statement about their son's death.

Authorities were horrified when they entered Magnotta's apartment and discovered the blood-covered room. Lin's torso was found stuffed into a suitcase in the alley behind Magnotta's apartment, and Magnotta seemingly disappeared. He was feared to be unreachable, as Magnotta had previously published an online guide to disappearing from the face of the earth.

They were worried Magnotta would be hard to find since he was "someone who can disguise himself. He can change into a woman, wear a wig," officials said. However, his narcissism and infatuation with the Internet led to his downfall.

Lin's family took his body home to China late last month but refused to speak publicly about the ordeal.


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