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iPhone 5 Release Date: iPhone 5 to Launch in 2012?

iPhone 5 Release Date: iPhone 5 to Launch in 2012?

Apple disappointed fans when it did not release the iPhone 5 at last week’s “Let’s Talk iPhone” event in California. Now technology experts are coming out to discuss why the company opted not to release the next generation phone. They are speculating about when Apple will be ready to release its next generation phone, and are commenting on the release of the iPhone 4S.

Some commentators speculate that the company was quite simply not ready to release its new version of the iPhone for several reasons.

Speculation includes that the company is holding out to see how well Siri, the new voice-recognition software added to the iPhone 4S, will work.

Other possible reasons that Apple decided to hold out on introducing an iPhone 5 may be because adding LTE speeds into a new phone requires a lot of battery life. Thus, the company may be waiting for mobile batteries to catch up technologically so as to not ruin Apple’s reputation for durable products with sustainable battery life.

Nevertheless, most commentators believe that the new version of the iPhone is likely to be launched in mid to late 2012 and rumors continue to circulate about the new phone and what features it might carry.

Some suggest that the new phone will be a completely new design, visually different from the iPhone 4, that it will have 4G/LTE support, and would be equipped with a quad-core processor.

Even though the iPhone 4S was a disappointment to many Apply fans, Apple recently announced that iPhone 4S pre-orders had topped 1 million in the first 24 hours, which a 66 percent increase over pre-orders of the iPhone 4.

However, not all technology experts are thrilled about the new iPhone and believe the hype behind the demand.

Renai LeMay, a technology reporter for, an Australian technology website, said, “I still don’t believe the iPhone 4S is really a substantial upgrade.”

He added, “I’m not getting the sense that people are excited about the iPhone 4S – with most still seeing it as a minor upgrade.”

LeMay even questioned Apple's announcement of the pre-order increase for the device saying, “Could it be that Apple’s vastly improved global distribution platform is behind the increased preorders?”

Regardless of what is behind the additional pre-orders, the new iPhone 4S phone should be available in more than 70 countries by the end of 2011. However, most Apple fans will continue to wait in much anticipation for the release of a much more exciting new generation iPhone in 2012.

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