Friday, March 23, 2012
iPhone 5 to Stick With a 3.5-inch Screen and Upgrade to 4G LTE

iPhone 5 to Stick With a 3.5-inch Screen and Upgrade to 4G LTE

iPhone rumors are hitting the blogs once again and this time industry insiders are saying the next-generation iPhone will feature a 3.5-inch screen.

This would mean that the device's screen size will remain the same size as the iPhone 4S.

It also contradicts many of the recent rumors that have stated that the new iPhone's screen would exceed four inches. However, according to iMore, who issued the report, the screen size is still not set in stone.

The site also reported that the next iPhone will have a micro dock connector, will be 4G LTE, and be released in Oct. 2012, one year after the launch of the 4S.

Other tech sources have stated that the iPhone will launch sometime in the summer that that it would feature a display that is larger than four inches in order to compete with Android devices.

However, the micro dock connector could make sense for Apple to include, according to 9to5Mac.

"The new docking connector, or "new way to charge the iPhone," was first reported by Wall Street Journal, and has since been reiterated in various ways," wrote the site. "A micro-dock could manifest itself into something like a standard Micro-USB port."

It would also make sense to have micro-USB since technology has been changing adding more wireless capabilities with additions, such as iCloud.

4G LTE is also a no-brainer at this time for the iPhone, since Apple has already made its new iPad compatible with the network. The iPhone 4S runs on a 3G network. This was disappointing to many Apple fans, who were expecting the smartphone to feature the faster 4G network when it was released last year.

Many of Apple's competitors, such as Samsung, have already adopted 4G LTE for their smartphones.

The new iPhone will be Apple's sixth generation handset and will launch sometime in 2012.



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