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Jimmy Hoffa is Buried Under GM Headquarters, Says Book (VIDEO)

Jimmy Hoffa is Buried Under GM Headquarters, Says Book (VIDEO)

A new book penned by one of Jimmy Hoffa’s former drivers claims that the former leader of one of the nation’s largest unions is buried under General Motors headquarters in the Renaissance Center in downtown Detroit.


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Marvin Elkind, a self-described "chauffeur and goon for mob bosses," was one of Jimmy Hoffa's former drivers.

CNN reported that he paired up with another writer who was familiar with the events surrounding the disappearance of Hoffa and the two of them wrote the book,The Weasel: A Double Life in the Mob.

The other author is Adrian Humphries, he has written two other books about the Mafia. This is the latest book that attempts to reconstruct the events that would help expose what really happened to Hoffa, according to the Post-Gazette.

In the book, Elkind claims that he learned that Hoffa was buried under the Renaissance Center while he was in Detroit attending a Teamsters conference in 1985.

Elkind said in a New York Post interview, that reputed mob boss Anthony Giacalone told him where Hoffa’s body was buried while he was speaking to a group of union delegates.

He describes that as the group left the hotel, which was just across the street from where the Renaissance Center was being constructed, Mr. Giacalone nodded toward the building foundation and said, "Say good morning to Jimmy Hoffa, boys," according to WZZM.

That chilling account was just the beginning of what would turn into a popular conspiracy theory. Over the years there have been various reports of where the remains of Hoffa actually ended up. From the end zone at Giants Stadium in New Jersey to a crematorium in eastern Michigan garbage incinerator and even being simply dumped in the Florida Everglades.

Hoffa gained recognition while he was the President of the Teamsters Union during 1960s. He left that position and served several years in a federal prison after he was convicted of jury tampering, conspiracy and fraud.

Hoffa disappeared in 1975 while reportedly on his way to meet two mafia figures.

He was declared legally dead in 1982, but his body has never been found.

 The Christian Post Daily Report 12.28.11


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