Thursday, August 15, 2013
John Stamos Birthday: Actor Turns 50, Celebrates With Cards For Homeless

John Stamos Birthday: Actor Turns 50, Celebrates With Cards For Homeless, the largest not-for-profit in the U.S. for teens and social change, is celebrating "Full House" actor John Stamos' 50th birthday on Monday by asking fans to make 50,000 cards for homeless kids in his honor. is urging fans of actor John Stamos, better known for his role as Uncle Jesse on "Full House" to celebrate his 50th birthday in a big way. The project consists of urging fans to make 50,000 birthday cards, which will go out to children in homeless shelters across the nation.

The "Full House" cast has also taken part in the project. Lori Loughlin, better known as Stamos' wife Becky, and actor Dave Coulier, better known as Uncle Joey, encouraged fans to join the cause on their Twitter accounts.

"John Stamos is turning 50. Lets make 50k birthday cards! But for homeless kids in his honor, not for him," Coulier said on his Twitter account. "Crayons, stickers, paper! I'm ready!" Loughlin added.

The project is to support children who are stuck in homeless shelters on their special day.

"Over one million children experience homelessness every year," the site explains. "Many kids' birthdays fall while they are in a shelter, making it hard to celebrate."

To help, kids are encouraged to make their own, homemade birthday cards and send one to a child in need. Posting a photo of the card online will also earn kids the opportunity to win a $4,000 scholarship. For more rules and guidelines, click here.

Each year, about 3 million people in the U.S. find themselves homeless. Families make up 40% of the homeless population with 1 in 6 of those people under the age of 6. Chief Marketing Officer Naomi Hirabayashi said in a statement that Stamos' birthday was the perfect occasion to recognize homelessness.

"At we love John Stamos. He has great hair, a great smile, and a great heart. We want to take the fun of his 50th birthday celebration (the day we're now declaring #stamosday!) to help rally young people across the country to make birthday cards for kids in homeless shelters. Our goal is 50,000 cards by Monday, 8/19 - aka: Uncle Jesse's 50th birthday."

So far, nearly 8,000 cards have been sent.


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