Friday, December 02, 2011
Kanye West Takes Blame for Grammy Snub, Says Last Two Albums Needed More Space

Kanye West Takes Blame for Grammy Snub, Says Last Two Albums Needed More Space

While performing at a concert in his hometown of Chicago, Kanye West did the unexpected: he took the blame for a Grammy snub.

On Thursday, during “Watch the Throne" tour with fellow rapper Jay-Z, the usually unapologetic rapper addressed the crowd about being left off the Album of the Year category of the 2011 Grammy Awards.

“Something I figured out earlier today, because you know everybody came to me last night like, 'Congratulations,' because you know I'm leading - I have the most Grammy nominations once again, like we always do at this time," said Kanye while pacing the United Center stage.

"But, you know, people focus, they say, 'You ain't have Album of the Year or Record of the Year,'” he continued as the fans cheers quickly turned to disapproving boos.

Then rather than doing the expected and tear into the Grammy nominating committee, West decided to take a rather different approach, and blame himself for the snub.

"I figured it out though,” he explained to the crowd. “That's my fault for dropping Watch the Throne and Dark Fantasy the same year. I should've just spaced it out, just a little bit more."

Before the snub, West’s sixth studio album, My Twisted Dark Fantasy, released in November 2010 was meet with rave reviews. The album was considered an early favorite for Album of the Year with hits like “All of the Lights,” which granted the producer a Song of the Year nod at the Grammys.

Just nine months later, Kanye teamed up with fellow rapper Jay-Z to release the critically acclaimed album Watch the Throne

Both efforts were nominated for Rap Album of the Year.

Fans should not feel sorry for Kanye, though. He is still nominated for several categories, along with Best Rap Album, Song of the Year and Best Rap Song.


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