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Katie Couric and Sarah Palin Face Off on Tuesday Morning News

A long time feud between Katie Couric and Sarah Palin could play out tomorrow in one of the most unexpected places- morning news.

Sarah Palin will host the Today show on Tuesday, filling a position once held by Katie Couric, who instead is on a 2-week stint at Good Morning America. While the two women appearing on completely separate networks wouldn't seem like a big deal, the time conflict has already garnered a fair amount of attention, with some even picking sides.

The battle between Couric and Palin started when Palin was running as Vice President to John McCain during the 2008 elections against President Barack Obama. Palin was put to shame during the campaign interview with Couric, after being unable to answer questions such as her preferred newspaper to read.

Following the interview, Palin's favorability ratings dropped, and many began to consider her a liability to the campaign. Sometime after the interview, Palin accused Couric of badgering her.

Fans of Palin also came to her defense, suggesting that the 3-hour interview had been cut down and edited, to make the potential VP look bad.

"If you give me three hours of raw footage of Katie Couric, I can edit it down too and make her look more foolish than a Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus animal; but that would be unprofessional and truly agenda driven," Jeffrey Taylor, a Managing partner for U.S. Government Relations, commented, accusing CBS News of supporting a liberal view point.

Despite the criticism of some viewers, Couric went on to win the Walter Cronkite Award for Journalism Excellence and the Alfred I. DuPont–Columbia University Award for the interview. Couric, for her part, has remained fairly quiet over the situation, although she did state that she had not set Palin up for an attack.

"My goal was simply to be a conduit to allow [Palin] to express her views and give those watching a chance to come to their own conclusions," Couric said in a statement.

Now that both women will be hosting the morning news tomorrow on competing networks at about the same time, many have questioned whether the feud will be addressed. Some have also turned it into a battle of ratings, attempting to gauge which personality will come out as the victor.

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