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PS4 News: Console Projected to Outsell Xbox 720 2-to-1

PS4 News: Console Projected to Outsell Xbox 720 2-to-1

The internet has been overloaded with both Xbox 720 and PS4 news in the past few weeks and an online retailer is now weighing in on the competition between the two systems., a leading money saving website in the U.S. is now making the bold prediction that the PlayStation 4 console will outsell the Xbox 720 2-to-1 once they are released. This prediction derived from pre-order searches made on the site.

Searches for the PS4 outnumber those for the Xbox 720 2-to-1. In the last two months, there have been more than 300,000 unique searches for the PS4, in comparison to the 140,000 searches for the Xbox 720 console, according to the site's data.

Mark Pearson, the Chairman of commented on the pre-order data.

"It seems that American gamers can't get enough of their new consoles and with the overwhelming popularity of the PS4, it seems that Sony is on to a winner!" he said. "Although the consoles are a while off, the pre-order interest is as good a measure as any."

His site offers customers opportunities to save money on expensive products such as the PS4 and Xbox 720.

"Like all new consoles, updating your gaming equipment can be expensive so be sure to check out the best deals online by using money saving website, like," he continued. "Also, make sure you can afford to go out and splurge on new games and consoles as you can always pick up a used console further down the line for a cheaper rate than paying full price now."

The PS4 will be released in October of this year and the Xbox 720 should be available around that same time. However, the company is currently experiencing Blu-ray licensing issues, which could push its launch back to early 2014.


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