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PS4 News: Sony Releases Teaser Right Before New Xbox Unveiling

PS4 News: Sony Releases Teaser Right Before New Xbox Unveiling

Some interesting PS4 news has uncoincidentally surfaced just before Microsoft's unveiling of its next-generation gaming console to the world.

Sony released a brand new teaser trailer that shows what the console will actually look like. Well, sort of.

Actually, the ad starts out by flashing the PlayStation logo on the screen and then it becomes white and shows a blurry console like figure approaching the camera. Sony flashes a bunch of other images on the screen that could be parts of the new system; however, nothing is confirmed to be anything during the actual trailer.

It seems to be Sony's way of giving fans a first look without actually giving a first look. It is also a clever way for Sony to get fans talking about the new console right as Microsoft is unveiling its new system.

The ad ends displaying the date "June 10th 2013 6:00 PM PDT." This is when Sony will provide fans with more information on the console during this year's E3.

The script for another advertisement that could have been for the PS4 was leaked by a company that was working on this marketing campaign for Sony last week. It is written for a commercial that will start off showing an empty road in a small town and follow a lone man walking down the road towards the camera as he's slowly joined by others.

The actual dialogue in the script was published by It ends with one of the characters asking "Who are you to deny greatness? If you would deny it to yourself you deny it to the entire world." That line is followed by the text "Greatness Awaits," flashing on the screen just before the PlayStation logo appears. reached out to Sony for comment, however, the company did not respond regarding the script. Towards the end of the trailer, a flag bearing the "Destiny" symbol is shown from a window, which could point to this ad being for the actual game, and not the console.

The site that leaked the script, Siliconera, claims it was from the same source that leaked a PSP "Step Your Game Up" ad that ended up actually being released.


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