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Randy Blythe of Lamb Of God Arrested in Connection With Fan's Death

Randy Blythe of Lamb Of God Arrested in Connection With Fan's Death

Lead singer for the famous Richmond, Va., based rock band Lamb Of God has reportedly been arrested in Prague in connection with a fan's death during a concert there more than two years ago.

Randy Blythe, 41, was arrested when Lamb of God went to Prague for their show Thursday night at the Rock Café. No formal charges have been filed and the incident that occurred during a show back on May 24, 2010 is currently being investigated by police officials at another venue in Prague, according to local media reports.

The band who has previously been nominated for four Grammys canceled the show on Thursday but there was no word at the time of this articles publication what the band planned on doing about Friday's show in Leipzig, Germany.

Lamb Of God's publicist, Adrenaline PR, released a statement which explained that Blythe was "wrongly accused" and that "lawyers are dealing with it, and we expect him to be fully exonerated."

Randy's brother, Mark Blythe, told WTVR that we was waiting to hear new details and described the arrest of his sibling as "bogus and outrageous and will be dropped immediately."

Heavy metal bands and especially their fans can become pretty chaotic during live events. Eight years ago an obsessed fan ran on stage in Ohio and fatally shot legendary guitarist "Dimebag" Darrell, who is remembered for his time with Pantera.

Longtime musician Greta Brinkman explained how fans become energized through the music and how things can escalate out of control.

"Being in a band onstage can be extremely chaotic, real anarchistic," Brinkman said. "People get excited and throw things … and I could easily see how someone could fall and get hurt. You know, anything can happen," Brinkman told WTVR.

"I want Randy to know that all of us around here wish him the best," Brinkman added.


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