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'State of Decay 2' News: Single-Player Video Revealed

'State of Decay 2' News: Single-Player Video Revealed

Promo poster for the upcoming game "State of Decay 2" | Facebook/UndeadLabs

Video game developer Undead Labs has finally revealed a 22-minute-long video to grant fans a sneak peek of the single-player experience for the upcoming post-apocalyptic zombie survival game "State of Decay 2." The single-player showcase follows the extensive video that Undead Labs recently released to reveal the mechanics of the new multiplayer co-op mode.  

As reported by IGN, the experience of playing the game alone has many implications and ramifications that are different compared to playing with up to four other people in co-op mode. First, it is safe to assume that players who will opt to play solo will be more reluctant to scavenge the massive open world for supplies when the sun goes down since the developers have created a realistically dark nighttime setting. 

In the discussion video that was released by Undead Labs, the developers state that it is completely possible to play the game alone and without any help. However, it is emphasized that the sequel's mechanics grant more rewards to players that voluntarily help out others — which usually means more supplies and more influence earned. Influence serves as the primary currency of the game used to improve a player's base. 

It appears that the number of zombie hordes decreases if players decide to play the game on their own, but this does not diminish the tension and unpredictability of zombie behavior in the game. This ensures that players are always on their toes whenever they decide to go out for a supply run on their own. It is notable to mention that solo players can still recruit other survivors to assist them in their trips. 

Another exciting new feature of the game is the updates on user interface (UI) of the character screen — where players will be able to examine each of their survivors in great detail. Players will be able to see each survivor's special skills, as well as tailor their fighting style as they level up during the course of the game.  

"State of Decay 2" will be released on May 22 for those who purchase the Standard Edition, and May 18 for those who get the Ultimate Edition. 


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